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CLICK for Babies/Purple Hats

Last month, I had the opportunity to hang out at Twisted in the company of other knitters, knitting purple hats for the Click for Babies campaign. The hats are given to newborns through Legacy Emanuel Hospital to remind parents about the period of PURPLE crying, to prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome. We were there on that particular day to film a commercial for Legacy. It started airing a couple days ago, on TV and Hulu, too.

It’s not currently hat collection season, but you can knit hats all year and turn them in later. I knit a hat that day, and have another one that I finished after I went home. Thanks to Twisted’s owner Emily Williams for a fun project for a worthy cause!

click for babies

Do you have favorite charities you knit for? Here are details on purple hat requirements, if you choose this one. Hat collection begins again later this year.