Thrumviator, redux

The digital sales rights to Thrumviator (from Doomsday Knits, Cooperative Press) are now mine, mine, mine! This means you can purchase this pattern from me through Ravelry. I’ve reduced the price from $7 to my standard $6. But to celebrate this re-release, you can save an additional buck through January 14 with the coupon code THRUM, when you check out through Ravelry. $5!

Thrumviator 3

Oh, Thrumviator, how cute and cozy you are! (Especially on Alex Tinsley, and photographed by Vivian Aubrey)

Thrumviator 1

My sample is back in my possession, too, and looking at it makes me want to knit another, with even fluffier thrums, for more squooshy coziness. How about you?

thrumviator hat

There’s still a lot of winter left…

3 responses to “Thrumviator, redux

  1. Yay!! I was hoping I could get this through ravelry. I love this hat. Mom needs one. Definitely. Any suggestions on adding more thrums? getting out the maths skillz…

    • I wouldn’t add more thrums, I’d make the thrums bigger! Mine look a little anemic, in retrospect. But I know the power of bigger thrums (my latest Thrumbelinas are *very* squooshy). Go for it!


  2. Leslie A. Gordon

    OMG – I *love* this (especially as I’m sitting in 6 degree Tahoe!)!