Knitted shoes?

Well, they’re not really knitted. But I can put a picture of knitting on my shoes!

pdxknitterati ZX FLUX knit shoes

pdxknitterati knit shoes

This isn’t quite what I want, but you get the idea. Anything is possible.

pdxcarpet shoes zx flux

I just ordered these shoes for DH’s birthday, using the Adidas mi ZX FLUX photo print app on my iPad.

pdxcarpet shoes zx flux

It’s Portland’s beloved iconic airport carpet, soon to be replaced but not forgotten. DH loves this kitschy carpet, and now he’ll have shoes to remember it by. (Seriously, there are all sorts of souvenirs you can buy with this print on it, including socks and wall hangings. This carpet has its own website and instagram account.)

What about your cat?

pdxknitterati mookie shoes

Yep, possible.

cat zx flux shoes

Favorite photo from vacation?

zx flux beach shoes


What would you put on your shoes? I’m going to knit a better swatch and go from there…

12 responses to “Knitted shoes?

  1. I think some sort of knitted lace with an awesome contrasty colour behind it would be pretty fly. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

    • Yes, this Beanstalk scarf is pretty, but on top of the blue hydrangeas doesn’t have much pop. I do have a very pink version of this scarf, and could put it over a black or white or navy background. POP! And fuchsia colored shoes? I would love those.


  2. Those are pretty awesome!

  3. Interesting concept. But, I could envision a milllion and ten ways this could go tragically “wrong”. ROFL

    • That’s why the app lets you do a 360 rotation to look at the shoes before they go to print! We actually went to the Adidas store yesterday to try on this model of shoe for size. I’d hate to order custom shoes and not have them fit.


  4. That’s seriously cool! You should definitely get one of your knitting designs on shoes!

  5. What a great idea. I think I’d go for some stripes. Thanks for sharing!

    • The one thing to remember is that the app doesn’t let you adjust for size very much, so you may have to play with your camera a bit to get the coverage you need on your shoe. But the app is very fun to play with, anyway. Have fun!


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  7. Nicely done, Michelle!

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