15 seconds of fame for me and #pdxcarpet on NBC Nightly News

Remember my recent post about customizing sneakers? I ordered sneakers featuring the Portland airport’s #pdxcarpet for DH’s birthday. They arrived last week, and he was thrilled.

#pdxcarpet selfie

The airport is replacing its 30 year old carpet this year. This has prompted an outpouring of love for the old carpet, which means home for lots of travelers. I know, Keep Portland Weird. We went to the airport to take a picture of DH’s new shoes on the matching carpet. A cameraman was kneeling on the floor taking video, so DH put his foot in front of the lens. Camera guy looks up, and says, “You’re kidding.” Nope, not kidding at all…

NBC Nightly News Crew

I thought it was a local news station, but it turns out that NBC Nightly News sent Harry Smith to do a story on the carpet. We were interviewed for the story that ran on Friday, January 23. Here’s the story:

Only in Portland Would the Airport’s Carpet Reach Cult Status

I took some screenshots from the story:

#pdxcarpet shoes

pdxcarpet shoes

pdxcarpet selfie

It was very fun. DH says it was the Best. Birthday. Ever. He blogged it, too. Not bad for the right shoes in the right place at the right time!

14 responses to “15 seconds of fame for me and #pdxcarpet on NBC Nightly News

  1. I happened to see this news report. I had no idea that I had a (tenuous) connection to the wearer of the shoes.

    I have to admit that although this isn’t half bad as large scale industrial carpet goes, I don’t think I need any for my living room. My brother has in-laws that own a funeral home, and he had their (wild colored paisley-crazy) carpet in the attic playroom. It was too insane of a carpet to use anywhere else.

    • Isn’t it kind of cool (and scary?) how big and small this world is?

      Patterns look a lot different from big scale to small scale, don’t they? I can’t imagine having this in my house. Maybe a doormat. OK, area rug for DH’s office.


  2. Sandy Tabacchi Rochester Hills, MI

    I saw the piece on the nightly news and thought I recognized you!! Congrats on your 15 seconds of fame!! It really is a unique carpet. I hope they replace it with the same or something else as unique.

    • So funny that my knitting world and “other” world collide at the airport! We like our carpet. The new one is coming, and it’s busier looking, which I don’t love. Yet. We’ll see!


  3. Wow! M. you are the coolest of cool. Great idea for the shoes to start with and then HARRY SMITH and national TV! You are Portland.

    • Thanks, Kathryn! I guess putting PDX into my name just makes me all that much more Portland. A series of coincidences and then I’m on national news. What a hoot! Would you believe I was painfully shy as a child? Last week I played guitar and led a singalong for 275 people at an MLK Day event. I don’t even recognize myself any more!


  4. Very cool!

  5. So cool! What a great gift, and a sweet send-off to that magical carpet.

  6. I love those shoes! Happy belated birthday to Phil! May he wear his shoes proudly!

    • Phil had a great birthday! He flew on Monday morning; the TSA checker loved his shoes, and pointed them out to co-workers. Her daughter works for Adidas. Small world…


  7. I am glad you are doing your part to keep Portland weird. I knew I could count on you.

  8. I saw that news report!! I feel like I know a celebrity!

  9. Oh, that’s so cool!!