Sophie’s Rose in Paris

Well, I haven’t been to Paris recently, but Sophie’s Rose has! I taught a Sophie’s Rose class last month at For Yarn’s Sake, and Theresa was in my class. From there she headed to Paris, and took her project with her. Here are some pictures she sent me…


Place de la Concorde

Musee d’Orsay

Notre Dame

I love it when knitters send me pictures of their PDXKnitterati projects. Continuing the Parisian theme, Leigh Anne sent me a picture of of her Ooh La Lace shawlette.


Thanks for the pictures!

I went traveling last week, but not that far afield. A friend and I met up in Edmonds, Washington for a quick overnight visit with another friend. We spent some time at Sky Nursery, which is the most lovely huge place. I love hydrangeas, and this one was calling my name, loudly. More on that in a bit.


We spent happy hour down by the waterfront, watching the ferries come and go. We had a great time laughing and catching up.



Oh, the hydrangea. I didn’t buy it, and then saw another lovely one this week.


This picture doesn’t do it justice. It has white outer blooms, and small inner blooms that turn yellow as they age. (This one’s called Golden Crane, and was developed from seeds brought back from China.) I’m thinking I want a hydrangea bed next to the house in the back yard. There’s an ancient blue one there already. It needs friends! And not this poor abandoned toe-up sock project from 2008…


I just finished knitting the first version of a fall/winter design for September, and I still need to finish the fuchsia colored summery Bling project, too. No idle hands here! What are you knitting this week? Does the change of seasons make you change your knitting?

8 responses to “Sophie’s Rose in Paris

  1. What is the sock pattern? I would love to make these.

  2. Ooh, I love Charlene Schurch! Her sock books rock! Love your photos, too. How cool that your patterns are traveling the world. I bet people in Paris saw that shawl and admired it! 🙂

  3. I think this might be one of your prettiest posts! Love the pictures of Paris and I had to laugh at the “fish ON sticks”. Adorable.

  4. Anne Lindquist

    These photos are fabulous! Thanks for sharing. Hope you don’t mind – I put one up on Facebook. What fun! Personally, can’t think of a better place than Paris to be knitting – maybe Reims, in a Moet cave.

    Haven’t gotten an invoice for the Blocking class yet. Just sayin 🙂

    Take care!


    Anne Lindquist, Owner For Yarn’s Sake 11767 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy Beaverton, OR 97005 (503) 469-9500

    • I did take my knitting to Reims, to the Taittinger caves, but I only knit on the trains. That was where my Webfoot design was born. Oregon in France! Invoice on its way; thanks for the reminder.


  5. That pink and white hydrangea is faublous!! How could you NOT have brought it home?? 🙂 I also am working on a purple semi-abandoned project. Mine is a sweater and I need to figure out where I stopped. After I finish a sewing project or two. So much fun, so little (non-work) time. 🙂