Studios are springing up…

It’s spring, and my crafty compadres are creating great studio spaces. Knitted Wit has just moved into her new studio/dye space. I visited her there yesterday and helped label some yarn, but didn’t think to take pictures. Here’s her pic from the outside, with her spiffy yarn ball curtains.


There’s still time to help launch her studio via her Indiegogo Community Supported Yarn campaign. She’s offering lots of cool perks as thanks.

Lavender Sheep has just moved and is creating her new studio space, with both a wet studio and a dry studio.

My turn! I’ve been using one of the boy’s bedrooms here as an office (most recently it was CollegeBoy2’s bedroom). I’ve been purging it and finally got it patched, painted, and organized. Let’s see, it’s only been three years since he left for school…although to be fair he has lived at home the past two summers.


Here’s the view from the door. Very inviting. There’s a comfortable futon sofa/bed. I write from this desk overlooking the back yard. The shelves to the right of the desk have my printer and my very handy swift and winder. The light from these south and east facing windows is beautiful. And yes, that’s a Darth Vader bank on the dresser. He’s still menacing, all these years later.

My beloved IKEA Expedit shelves are now right where they belong instead of in our bedroom, and I re-organized them, too.


My sewing machine will move in, once I’m finished moving a few more things out.

It’s been a very productive week. And I finished a pattern, which goes live on Tuesday. In the meantime, I’m knitting Jami Brynildson’s Rock Creek Shawlette before working on more new designs. It’s pretty relaxing knitting someone else’s design once in a while! I’m using Juno Fibre Arts’ Alice, which is 70/20/10 Baby Alpaca/Silk/Cashmere and very luscious. The color is Campion.

rock creek 1

My new studio rug makes a great backdrop!

How was your week?

13 responses to “Studios are springing up…

  1. Your space is looking great! I love the rug!! It is my goal this summer to create a space to create 🙂 yours gives me some ideas.

    • Thanks, Laura! The room is a little better every day, as I keep purging things! The guys came over yesterday and took a bunch of stuff. Now I’m dumping years’ of schoolwork…


  2. That’s a great studio with great natural light! I love that shawl too…I may need to put that on my “to knit” list! And, Juno’s Alice??!! Yummy yarn!

  3. Your new space looks very inviting.

    Well, my week was good in every way except knitting. On the other hand, I learned some things about my knitting personality. So — I guess even the bad was good.

    • Today I realized that I can use the closet, so I’ve been purging that, too. Woot! Some of the things from the top of the IKEA shelf have now gone into the closet. Love it. Not knitting much; I’m on a roll and the cleaning/purging bug doesn’t happen often. Gotta make the most of it!


  4. Your space looks great… and those IKEA shelves have me thinking about creating a space as well. If you don’t mind me asking, are those Karbonz needles in the picture of the shawl? They look like they have nice sharp points. Keep up the good work!

    • I love these IKEA shelves! They’ve been discontinued, but replaced with one that is similar. The edges aren’t wide like these. And I even moved them from one room to another by myself!

      The needles? They’re Signature circulars, and the points are very pointy! I’ve been having a lot of fun with lace on them.

  5. Dawn Sharafi

    Hi Michele! I finished my Athena Cowl! I love it. It’s beautiful, and it was lots of fun to knit. Thank you, Dawn

  6. Patty Farrell

    Love your new studio space, Michele!

  7. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Juno Fibre Arts Alice….Campion. Where can I get it in Portland? I want to make a shawl for myself and my daughter with it. I think it’s a beautiful shade of lavander/purple.

    • I got mine at the Knitting Bee. I’m not sure what they have left; I don’t think they’re able to get more. But check with them. It’s really lovely stuff.


  8. I was thinking of making the Ooh La Lace Shawlette with it.