Happy new year hike

A perfect time to blow out the cobwebs! We went hiking in the Columbia River Gorge on Saturday. Drove out from under the fog bank to see Mt. Hood in the distance:


We took the same hike we did last July. There’s more water now, but the snowpack is way below normal, so still not overwhelming.

Upper McCord Creek Falls:


On the way up, we looked down on Elowah Falls:


Same falls, from ground level. I love the snow ledge. Lots of people out this weekend!


I’ve decided that 2014 will be the year of the purge. There’s too much stuff in the house. DH found these items in the back of a closet.


A Gryffindor sweater I knit for Kid2, maybe a dozen years ago. I’m sending it to a friend who will love it. And here’s a lone mitten from 1991.


I knit 8 pairs of these, as birthday party favors. Knit flat (I didn’t know how to use dpns back then), seamed up the side. Bugs Bunny buttons, of course.


Oddly enough, I knew exactly where the mate was. These won’t be purged, though. I may have to frame them. Or at least keep them in my sample box.

I have big plans for painting my knitting studio, and then organizing all my crafty stuff in it. Right now my organizer bins are in the room off our bedroom, but it’s coming in to my studio, along with my sewing machine. I love these IKEA bins. They’re not this tidy right now…


What are your crafty plans for 2014? And don’t forget, I’m picking the winner of the Under 100 Knit Collection ebook tonight. More lovely things to knit!

5 responses to “Happy new year hike

  1. I redid my craft/work room just a year ago organizing by color (roygbiv) and using rolling elfa crates…on sale are the container store. It was a lot of work and a huge mess but so worth it. Have fun!

  2. You know …I don’t really have a plan for this year other than to knit down some of the stash.

    The waterfall pictures are beautiful!

  3. Planning to try to knit/craft something for myself each month. Reorganizing the whole house. Kind of seems daunting right now. 😉

  4. gorgeous hike photos!
    i don’t have any specific crafty plans for 2014, just to allow for more selfish knitting!