Under 100 Knit Collection: book launch and giveaway

I’m so pleased to have one more pattern published this year. It’s my Fern Shawlette, and it’s part of the Under 100 Knit Collection from Knit Picks which goes live today. Each of the 30 projects in this book takes 100 grams of yarn or less. Hats, socks, scarves, shawlettes, mitts, accessories…all my favorite things, and all knit up very quickly.

Here’s my Fern Shawlette, as shown in the book.

Fern KP

And here’s Fern, in a lighter color so you can see the detail. (Thanks, Bobbi, for modeling!)


fern 2
The Fern Shawlette is knit with 100g (or less) of fingering weight yarn. This is Knit Picks Palette, 100% Peruvian Highland Wool. It’s a lot like Shetland, and knits up to be light and airy. Beads are optional on this piece.

You can order this book from Knit Picks as an ebook, or as a print book. The patterns are also available individually. I’ve had the pleasure of paging through the print copy for the past week, and I’m giving away a copy of the ebook here on my blog. More on that in a bit.

I’ve had a fun knitting year; here are the designs I’ve published or had published in 2013.

2013 design mosaic

Daffy Taffy Twists, Starwood Cowl & Cuffs, Filigree Shawl
Garland Shawl, Ooh La Lace Shawlette, Webfoot Shawl
Autumn Scarf, Fern Shawlette, Thrumviator

2014 is off to a great start. The cast on for the first ever Rose City Yarn Crawl KAL mystery shawlette I designed begins January 17 (are you going to participate in the KAL?) and I have another piece that will launch during the crawl, too. I have a club knit coming out at the end of January, and I’m also designing another club knit for March. I may be having a Thrumbelina KAL, too. My fingers will be flying; come knit with me!

To celebrate the debut of the Under 100 Collection, I’m giving away a copy of the ebook. To enter, leave a comment on this post telling me about the best thing you knit in 2013. I’ll pick the ebook winner on January 6. Good luck!

51 responses to “Under 100 Knit Collection: book launch and giveaway

  1. Without question, the Milanese Shawl by Linda Marveng!

  2. Your Autumn scarf, knit in Pumpkin Pie orange, has to be one of my all-time favorites!

  3. The best thing I knit was an Aran sweater, St Enda by Alice Starmore.

  4. I loved knitting the Garland Shawl this year, definitely a favorite. The Knitted Wit Cashy Light was perfect for it. I love the idea of a book of patterns of under 100gms of yarn. I will definitely be ordering a copy of it.

  5. My favorite knit this year was my crochet granny squares. I’m really liking the possibilities of the granny square. Are you the lady who took a group for dim sum during Sock Summit? If you are, I had a great time …. Thanks. Cheri in Boise.

  6. The best thing I knit in 2013 was my twisted trees trio,parts 2&3.part 1,wintertime mittens,were completed in 2012 for my dd’ s 30th b’day.part 2,mountaintop hat,and part 3,woodland cowl,were completed for her early Dec.b’day and xmas gifts this year.they were my first serious design project,totally from scratch,and I can’t wait to write up a pattern for the trio!

  7. I’ve knit so many lovely patterns this year I don’t think I can pick a favorite.

  8. It’s a toss up between Sivia Harding’s Wild Iris in Metamorphasis or Pop Spots Shawl in Knitted Wit DK. Both were fun and elicit oohs and ahhs when I wear them.

  9. I usually love whatever I have on the needles, which is a ten-stitch blanket at the moment. I’m making it as large as I can in a desperate effort to destash!

  10. I love your shawls/shawlettes (and have several) so I would love to win the book for this one. the Thrumviator would be much appreciated by the little grand daughter to keep her cute ears warm. And the book would def help me destash!! Thx!!

  11. Your Zen Rain shawlette is definitely high on my list of favorites of 2013! I also made one called Le Weekend Shawlette that I really enjoyed.

  12. The best thing I knit last year would definitely be all the mittens I made for charity. I felt them and they are so thick and warm!

  13. I just learned to knit this year — so anything was amazing to me to finish. I however did learn a love for knitting socks — so the first pair I knit was probably my favorite thing of the year 🙂

  14. I made a baby blanket for my grandson, ‘Norma’ from Knitty, all in my own handspun. Whew! that was a project! But it turned out lovely, and he loves it!

  15. It would have to be the hat that I made for my husband and that he really liked!

  16. Ellen T. Andresen

    The best thing I knit this year would be my Leagrave Shawl, which was publishef in Knit Now in June.

  17. The best thing I knit in 2013 was a Noro scarf for a friend. A much loved gift!

  18. My Cameo shawl or perhaps my “folded’ poncho — both are great and getting a lot of use!

  19. Some ladybug fingerless mitts. Thanks

  20. The best thing I knitted this year was actually crocheted. 🙂 I made a cowl for each of my two daughters, same shell-stitch pattern but different colors. They love them!

  21. MY favorite 2013 knit was my bright red Chuck sweater. It’s perfect!

  22. I think the best thing I knit this year was my “Rock Island” by Jared Flood. I knit it for my Mom’s 82nd birthday and it turned out gorgeous.

    lmecoll on Ravelry

  23. The Pixie Doll and wardrobe by Claire Garland! 🙂

  24. My favorite knit this year was my handspun, hand knit sweater Ginny. It turned out great

  25. For sure your lacy entrelac infinity scarf. My mom loved it and thought I was a knitting genius 🙂 just gave it to her on Christmas when she came to visit!

  26. Nancy N (n2n on Ravelry)

    The best thing I am knitting is the Flower Basket Shawl. The best thing I actually managed to finish was a Selbu Modern hat- love it!
    thanks for the chance!

  27. Looks like you’ve had a great design year! Not sure how to pick the best thing I’ve knit this year… I was excited to finish my Ohm Shawl, which I started in 2012. Also love my Garland shawl. And the mermaid costume I knit for my baby cousin was pretty adorable. Starting to plan projects to start in the new year 🙂

  28. The best thing I knit in 2013 was my Central Park Hoodie which finally got finished! I wore it all winter and can’t understand why I didn’t finish it earlier.

  29. The best thing I knit in 2013, was a sweater, for me, in Blue Moon Fiber Arts Luscious Single Silk.

  30. the best thing I knit this year was a plum-colored cowl… love that shawlette!

  31. My fav this year was swing knit fingerless mitts

  32. Congratulations on the new book! Really thinking about the fern shawlette – air conditioned rooms here often require a small little wrap over the shoulders. My favorite knitting this year were the 12 pairs of socks (plain-ribbed) that I gave away to those least expecting them. The last pair was given to an young Indian man waiting to board his plane at the Dubai Airport to return to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He couldn’t figure out why anyone would want to spend the time and effort to make socks that you could just buy at the store. His grandmother used to knit sweaters (that he could understand) The socks on the needles were just about done so I finished them before his plane left and gifted them to him. He was shocked and delighted (I think). Hope he is now a convert to the beauty and comfort of hand-knit socks! Happy new years to you and your family from Kuwait (chilly). Salam wa sa’aadah Linda

  33. Best of the year’s knit? Shetland lace Baby blanket!!

  34. Thanks for the giveaway! The best thing I knit this year was “mon petit gilet rayé”! I wear it all the week.

  35. Leslie A. Gordon


  36. This was the year I gave lace a go. I think my favorite was the East Gable Shawl.

  37. My favorite thing this year was a sequined holly-berry-red hat for my 9 year old girl. It’s the greenery beret by Melissa LaBarre from Weekend Hats. Congratulations on the new book! I can’t wait to see it!!

  38. A Captain Haddock sweater for my eldest son – his choice, and I had to trawl through Tintin books to get a good picture of the sweater!

    • Oh, you are a good mom! I just found a Gryffindor sweater that I knit for one of my sons many years ago. It’s bright red, with a golden lion rampant on it.


  39. The best thing I knit this year was an Esjan shawl that I knit to give to a friend’s mother that I visited in my first trip ever to Wisconsin. Not only was it a fun pattern to knit, but I used Plucky Traveler Aran (which I just LOVE), and found it so rewarding to gift it.

    Happy knitting to all in 2014!

  40. The best thing I knit this year was my Sheep Heid which is a very neat colorwork hat done in Jamieson and Smith fingering. I knit it in Florida on vacation so it became Sheep at the Beach.

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  42. the best thing I knit in 2013 was also my last knit of the year. I knit a shawlette called WInter Bloom. I also spun the yarn I used. it is a yak/silk/merino blend. the shawl is light as air soft and oh so warm. I am wearing it everyday to battle the 20* below zero weather we are having. AND I am winning the battle.

  43. Would love to make the Fern Shawlette – I love your shawls!!

  44. I always like my last project the best. As a last-minute Christmas present, I knitted a “silly” project that I love – it’s an iPad/tablet pillow. http://www.ravelry.com/projects/Meltrier/ereader-pillow-prop

  45. Without a doubt, my mittens. Structurally, they’re based on Tanis Lavallee’s Snowfling, but I used different charts for the colour work patterns. Everything about these mitts is fabulous.

  46. I enjoyed knitting my Halloween Cat Hat, partially because I knit it for myself. It had been one that I wanted to knit for a long while and finally did it (http://www.ravelry.com/projects/pnwbookgirl/witch-cats-hat). The other is my Windowpane French Press Cozy. It keeps my coffee hot while we’re camping (http://www.ravelry.com/projects/pnwbookgirl/windowpane-french-press-cozy). I could see knitting the Nutkin Beanie for a friend’s daughter. For myself, maybe the Pixie Purse or one of the boot toppers?

  47. I made a lot of things.. favorites are
    – the last Christmas stocking for my family
    – three matching owl hats for the young girls in my life
    – knee high baby socks that are super cute
    – super soft alpaca fingerless mitts
    – sweaters for my daughter

  48. I think my favorite things are the Hollow Oaks socks I test knit for Woolly Wonka using her MCN base. I’ve always considered MCN too luxurious for feet and confined it to shawls and cowls. What a mistake! Cashmere on one’s feet is such a treat!

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