Thrumbelina KAL, and a winner

Just in case you need more fun knitting this month, I’m having a Thrumbelina KAL beginning January 21.


My good friends at Lantern Moon are having their spring retreat at Timberline Lodge this year, and as part of their goodie bag they are sending Thrumbelina kits to their participants for a pre-retreat KAL. The lucky retreat participants will have cozy toes in a gorgeous setting in April. I can’t go, but I’ll have cozy toes here at home, and so can you.

fireside thrumbelina

This is a great introduction to thrumming. What’s thrumming? Working bits of wool into your knitting as you go. So cushy! I had a thrumming class at Twisted last Monday. Look at all the squishy fiber on the table. Thanks for thrumming with me!


I’m coordinating the KAL through my PDXKnitterati Ravelry group; join the group and it will be in your Ravelry forums. I’m giving away two copies of the Thrumbelina pattern before the KAL begins; leave a comment on this post by January 15 if you’d like a chance to win.

Speaking of winners, I have a winner of the Under 100 Knit Collection from Knit Picks ebook. It’s Laura, who commented on December 30. Laura, I’ll be in touch! Thank you all for playing along; I loved learning about your favorite 2013 knits.

Still knitting like a madwoman clearing the needles for upcoming KALs! And still dreaming of Lempster, but I don’t think I can do it. I have a design due soon, and I should do that first. Not a bad problem to have, though.

Don’t forget to leave a comment to win a copy of Thrumbelina!

17 responses to “Thrumbelina KAL, and a winner

  1. I’ve been wanting to try this pattern. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  2. Yes please, I love warm toes!

  3. My kids have been trying to get me to knit some “slipper uggs ” as they call these! I’d love to win a pattern!

  4. I’ve been meaning to try thrums, and this looks like a fun pattern!

  5. Congratulations Laura – happy knitting. I’d love to win a copy of the Thrumbelina pattern. It’s very, very cold in Kuwait at the moment and I’m dreaming of warm slippers. I won’t be able to get the necessary materials here but next summer I’ll buy the materials and have wonderful warm feet next winter. Salam wa sa’aadah

  6. Those look like very cozy slippers! How did I never hear of the Lantern Moon retreat at Timberline before? I love Timberline, and a knitting retreat there would be awesome. I’ll have to bookmark it for next year and see if I can hear about it before it fills up.

    • You can get on Lantern Moon’s mailing list; they put out information in the fall about when the retreat will be, and when registration will be! You can also follow them on Facebook, if you use that. Here’s a link to this year’s retreat page. Click the RSVP link to see the pdf of all the fun they’ve scheduled! Wish I could go…


  7. Those are mighty warm looking slippers. Is there a way to make them slip proof when you are walking on laminate or wood?

    • You can add dots of puff paint to the soles, and that is supposed to make them a little grippier. I’m thinking of sewing suede patches at heel and toe to my next pair, to keep them from wearing too quickly, and to make them less slippery, too.


  8. I’d love to win a copy of this pattern so I could participate in your Kal! Thanks, Carol

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  10. I’ve never tried thrumming but I’d love to give it a whirl. And these slippers look so cozy!

  11. Me! Me! This pregnant woman needs to warm up her toes on these chilly nights (OK, OK, my feet are cold morning, noon, and night). What a great idea.

  12. Would love to learn this technique!!

  13. Love to make these for my daughter , she has COLD FEET!

  14. Psst…I had a dream I was one of the winners; however, I also dreamt that I was a lead role in a Magnum PI episode. Hmm…

  15. Just what I always wanted to knit… Love, Love, Love it…