The siren song…

…of yarn! I’m usually a monogamous knitter. At most, I’ll have two projects, if one takes more brain power than can be managed at knit nite. You should always have some simple knitting for social occasions.

I’m knitting away on my Garland shawl for the KAL. I have six repeats done, and am expecting there to be 17 total. Don’t hold me to that number; my scale will help me figure it out when I get closer to the center. (And the color is much more vibrant than this in real life.)


I have the pattern memorized, but I don’t know that I’ll be knitting this away from home. It’s about the beads. Having a little dish of beads next to me is just an opportunity to spill! I could probably manage it at knit nite, but not in a car or on the go. So I need a knit nite type of project to take with me.


This is the beginning of a Filigree shawl for me. It’s Knitted Wit Shine in Silver Lining. I knit a smaller version of this when I designed it for Lorajean to take to TNNA, but I really want a bigger one for me. I have the 20 stitch lace edging repeat mostly memorized, and the pattern PDF lives in my phone, too, so it’s pretty easy to take with me. Once I get to the short row shaping, it’s super simple. Perfect take-along knitting.

But wait, there’s more. I have an idea for another shawl design. I’ve gotten as far as charting out the lace I want. And this Knitted Wit Bling is begging to be cast on, at least for swatching. (Look at the sparkles!) What’s a knitter to do?


My drawer of fingering weight yarn is overflowing. Casting on would be the responsible thing to do, in order to reduce the stress on the yarn in the drawer. Right? Right? Hello?

How many projects do you have on your needles?

22 responses to “The siren song…

  1. Just two for me ….one pair of socks and Steve’s never-ending blanket. Every once in awhile I cast on more projects, but it gives me the heebie-jeebies. I’m pretty much a one-project-at-a-time girl.

    The bottom yarn is very pretty. I love sparkles!

    • Oh, I forgot my Honey Cardigan, too! But it’s on vacay; I don’t want to knit a worsted weight cardi in the summer. Too many lightweight shawls vying for my attention.

      Is the never ending blanket portable, or do you only knit it at home?

      I love sparkles, too, and I have two skeins of this Bling! So it will be a really nice wrap/stole.

  2. I tried not to “multitask” between projects. Once the flow is going, I hate to break the momentum. Besides, trying to figure out where I left off from one project to the next and re-educating myself of the pattern seem to me unproductive. Besides, I am rather impatient…I want to see the finished project as soon as it’s cast on lol.

    I have Shimmer Lace on the needles currently and am loving it. Shine Silver Lining is absolutely fabulous. I haven’t decided how I feel about Bling yet–it’s not as soft as the others due to the “bling”.

    • I know what you mean about flow! That’s why I try to only have one or two things going.

      I’m knitting the Shine on my Lantern Moon ebony needles. I’m a pretty relaxed knitter, and the Shine seems to want the “grippiness” of the wood to help me keep my stitches even because my stitches tend to be loose. The Signatures make me really happy with a woolier yarn, no need for extra grip there! So they will go into the Bling, and they were wonderful in the Hazel Knits Entice MCN. Thanks again for the lovely gift!

      Yes, the Bling is not as soft as some of the other yarns. I think it’s softer than the original Bling (Kraemer base with silver strands?). Not sure where this yarn is sourced, but I think the strand is stellina, and the wool feels a bit softer. We shall see!

      • So glad to hear you are enjoying the Signatures…for woolly yarn. I have ebony needles but don’t seem to warm up to ’em after three years. I like my stitches glide and find myself partial to Addi Lace. Just to show you…to each her own. 😀

        I knitted a leaf shawl designed by Shannon for Twisted in Bling (sadly it’s one of the five samples that were MIA during last Christmas!) Not sure if it’s the earlier Bling or not. I like the squishy feel, but,given a choice, I would probably go with Cashy Wool first before picking Bling. Next trip to Twisted, I will definitely check it out to see if there is a difference. So, are you heading to BSG this weekend?

      • I can’t knit with the Addi Lace; the brass doesn’t work with my skin chemistry. Too bad, because they’re nice needles.

        No BSG or TNNA this year. Maybe next time!

  3. By the way, if you line a Altoids’ type of tin box with the “bead mat”, it’s quite easy to knit/bead on the go. I do it all the time in the car or while walking. Never a spill.

    • Is the bead mat grippy? Sounds like a good idea! If I stick a little magnet tape in there, that will keep the Bead Aid from flying, too!

      • The bead mat keeps the beads from sliding around uncontrollably for sure–give you a stable ground so to speak especially when going over a bump in a car ride. However, if you drop it, they will still spill over lol When I am walking about and bead, I often keep the beads in the tube it came in. I use beading 3″ wires (fold in half) and keep ’em in the tube with the beads–very handy and portable. If I lose a few wires, I just cut more.

  4. linda gaylord

    6 on the needles for me,with at least 4 more waiting in the wings….there are:#3 of “the great kitchen towel project”,a cowl in gifted alpaca for a friend,2 pairs of socks and 2 baby jackets(1of which was a false start,hence the 2nd.1st to undergo modifications…)the 4 waiting for cast on are:mitts and a hat for the family of the friend getting the cowl,a shawl out of gifted merino I dyed with koolaid, and mitts to match the cowl I knit from the sock yarn from your giveaway! And the list of the things I wish I had time to knit is infinite!!! Your shawls are gorgeous,of course! 🙂 ❤

  5. Five! A shawl, afghan, scarf, tutu, lap blanket. Not to mention three more projects that I have printed patterns and cakes of yarn waiting in project bags…

    • I do that plan ahead for the next project too, but it doesn’t always happen. So many things to tempt me before I cast on! That’s why I stopped buying yarn in advance, and try to buy it for the next immediate cast on. Except for Knitted Wit’s CSY, which has been powering my design stash!

  6. I can only remember 1 project on my needles right now. I am only allowing myself to work on that until it is done. I’m pretty sure if I dig around, there’s more, but only that one counts. 🙂 I’m pretty sure I have a one-mitten problem that needs some attention…

  7. Can’t wait to see what the Knitted Wit Bling turns into! I have been alternating between 2 projects (the garland shawl, and a Green Peacock shawl out of Knitted Wit’s Shine). Also have 2 other projects on the needles that I started in the last month, but put on hold since I started the shawls 🙂 and we won’t talk about any of the projects that have been on the needles longer than that!

    • How is your Garland going? It was so nice to see you in person last week!

      • The cast on party was fun – we should do it again sometime! Garland is going well – finishing up the 7th repeat. Now that I’ve got the hang of the pattern I’ve gotten a few rows done on the MAX ride to work 🙂

  8. Just one at a time for me, almost always and especially now, when my knitting mojo is relatively weak*. That project is a pair of socks (two at a time, toe-up, Magic Loop, improvised pattern), knit in Panda Superwash yarn.

    * It’s a cyclical thing that happens every year, coinciding with the heat of summer, This, too, shall pass.

  9. I think casting on is always a good idea — but then I’d rather admit my age than how many WIPs I’ve got! I have six repeats done on my Garland Shawl and it is lovely.

    I could not do beads in the car. That would be a really bad idea for me.

    • I spill things. No car beads for me, either. It was bad enough when I was making stitch markers, and upended the little box of crimp beads. They were everywhere!

  10. I just finished a project and started on some Christmas knitting. Even though I started last night, I’ve already thought about making another pair of socks. *Sigh* I really want to make things for Christmas this year, so I think I need to stay focused!