Yarn and laughter hangover

Monday’s Garland KAL cast on party at Twisted? Fun!


I made party favor stitch markers:


And Sarah, maker of Bead Aids, made me these beautiful earrings. Aren’t they stunning? She is very talented!


They go perfectly with my shawl to be. (Better than the picture below would suggest; the color is much richer in person)

Photo Jun 11, 6 46 48 PM

And yes, there was a giant cookie, as promised!


There’s still 2/3 of the cookie left…it was huge.

Also, I had this message from Sherecie on the PDXKnitterati Ravelry forum last week. It made me laugh out loud.

…so, I’m a really bad knit-a-long-er.
I couldn’t wait to cast on & thought I would get started last weekend. It was among other WIPs, so I thought I would knit on it a little, here & there, until the official cast on date & then work on it exclusively…

pdxknitterati, I think you need to add a warning message on this pattern… something like “This thing is hugely addictive” and “Let your other projects know you’re starting this & tell them you won’t be back to them until it’s done.”

I’m finished.
It’s blocking outside.
I’m in love with it.
I’m sorry I didn’t knit-along with all of you, but I will be watching and squeeing at all the pictures as you go!!

I did tell her she could knit another one with us. What’s your summer knit?

2 responses to “Yarn and laughter hangover

  1. Socks? LOL

    If things don’t start coming together, it’s going to be that same pair over and over and over. 😉

  2. Looks like fun and wish I lived close enough to go! Beautiful shawl, but think your pacific shawl will be my next big project –