Managing your beads for knitting


Still happily knitting along on my Garland Shawl for the KAL. Based on Sarah’s comment yesterday, I absconded with an Altoids tin from CollegeKid’s room. (He’s home for the summer. The tin has been there much longer…) It’s just the right size for a short tube of beads, a magnet, and my Bead Aid. The tube keeps most of the beads corralled, so if I spill, it’s just a few beads that go flying.

It was a little bit noisy with the beads rolling around in the tin, so I cut a scrap of craft fun foam to fit the bottom of the tin. Now the sound of rolling beads won’t disturb DH when I’m doing my night owl knitting. The foam also makes it easier for me to pick up a bead. The magnet holds my Bead Aid, and it also secures the fun foam to the bottom of the tin.

Perfect tool, and free! Thank you, Sarah!

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  1. Perfect option. Now I have to go on a search for some Altoid tins I saved a few years back. They always did look handy, but so far were too small for things I tried. This will be perfect ,except I still have not been able to get out to buy the beads. It is my Thursday project though!!

  2. Glad it works for you. ❤ the star magnet. Where do you get that?

  3. You could also have fun personalizing the outside of the tin. For example: See all the money you saved! 😉

  4. Dorothy Murphy

    This is a Great Idea!
    I have small plastic containers of beads sorted by color, all in a 6×9 inch (approx.) box, but this idea is great for the tubes of beads, and even for my small round plastic containers full of beads, because it will be helpful to pour a smaller supply into the little metal box -imagine knocking over the entire plastic container of beads! @@ – where they can’t roll away, with the magnet for the neat little bead-aid, too. I think I have a little metal box about the same size that will work.
    Thanks for sharing your neat idea!

  5. What a great idea!

  6. I’m cheating here, wearing a Turkish pashmina scarf in the mornings, you will read on my blog that one of my greatest fears is knitting. But I’ve been cooking, working on a crust-less corn “quiche” and made a great rhubarb and berry trifle for my husband’s work. He turned around and it was gone, and was able to get a few berries from the bottom of the trifle dish. You have much success in your work and I try to do so as well. Take care, D

  7. great size for traveling bead projects. I do all my beading on a piece of vellux. I will cut it to fit an Altoid box. Thx Michele

    • It’s great for this kind of project, but if you had lots of different kinds of beads in your project you’d need a bigger tin! (And there’s a great sailboat tin in CollegeKid’s room; about 6×8 inches, that I’m going to claim soon…)

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