Almost Lemonade

So, I was trying on my Raspberry Vodka Lemonade, and I thought one of the sleeves looked shorter than the other. Not by much. I took a closer look, and this is what I saw:


Apparently I missed 2 rows of the lace pattern. Oops. I don’t mind ripping back. While I’m at it, I’ll rip both of them back to make the sleeves a little shorter. They’re supposed to be 3/4 length, but I think they’re a little too long, so they just look like they’re too short.

vl 1

vl 2

I’ve rolled them up here, and I think I like them better. What do you think?

It’s plum season at Lorajean’s house, and she gave some to me.


I made two batches of ginger plum jam. The first was with all yellow plums, and the second was mostly yellow with a few purple. It doesn’t take many to completely change the color!


As with last year’s batch, the jam hasn’t set yet (although the non-processed sample jars have gelled nicely). I’m not worried; last year it took several weeks before the jam was a properly jammy texture. I do know that both of them are delicious!

15 responses to “Almost Lemonade

  1. The shorter length looks more intentional, for sure. Also — yum! All the plums on my tree are still hard and green.

  2. It’s me…for sure. 3/4 sleeves just don’t do for me. I prefer either short or long. Love the color though. It looks great on you. Plum and ginger. What a nice combo. I can taste it 😀

  3. i also prefer them shorter – looks more modern & fitted. love the coordinating skirt!

  4. I thought the longer sleeves looked just fine. . . .until I saw the shorter version. Sleeves to the frog pond!

  5. I agree about the longer sleeves looking too short. Great catch! I also wish I knew how to make jam… I’m afraid I’d do it wrong and let in all kinds of bacteria!

    • Jam is easy! Botulism isn’t an issue with high acid foods like jams and jellies. Processing them in a water bath canner (basically a big pot with a rack inside) means that bacteria isn’t an issue, either. If I can do it, you can, too!

  6. It looks terrific on you! You really have a knack of knitting sweaters that fit you so well. I like the three quarter sleeves, but they look good rolled up too!

    • I’ve knit a lot of sweaters that *didn’t* fit, so I’m getting better about trying to knit ones that do. I do a lot of post-FO fiddling at this point. And then there’s the fact that these sweaters never make me look tall and willowy. After all that work!

  7. I, too, like the shorter sleeves. And that is such a pretty purple! What a lovely sweater.

  8. Definitely the shorter sleeve.

  9. I think the shorter sleeve looks better too. But, I’m impressed with the body. It fits you perfectly!

  10. I think the sleeves should be either shorter or longer. In between is fine but not as good as shorter. That color is gorgeous!

  11. I definitely like the sweater better with the slightly shorter sleeves. Good for you for ripping back to make it perfect!

  12. The shorter sleeves are a good balance for your frame. Good decision to unknit and fix.