Finish or Frog?

I sorted my WIPs (works in progress) yesterday. I say that I’m a monogamous knitter, and I pretty much am. The WIPs are projects that I’ve set aside to work on something exciting and new, and it’s hard to go back because there’s always something newer and more exciting down the road. That’s why I try to finish something before starting something new; there’s less chance of being totally abandoned that way.

Despite those good intentions, I have seven WIPs. Count ’em up. The Raspberry Vodka Lemonade, which is almost done. I’m shortening the sleeves right now.

(Why yes, this yarn has been knit and blocked before. I trust that the wonky stitches will block right back to normal.)

Four design projects. The first has two versions. One only needs to be bound off. The other needs to be…steeked. Eek! I’d like to have this ready for autumn, pattern and all.


A sock design. Now that I look at it, I know exactly what I want to do, and that means frogging it entirely and starting over. Oy. (Maybe this isn’t really a WIP, since it’s about to be frogged…)


A shawl design. Now that I look at it, I know exactly what I want to do, and that means frogging it entirely and starting over. Do you sense a theme? (I loved this, but there is another design out there that is very similar, which I discovered one day when I was at Twisted. That’s ok, I have another idea.)


A design project, in which I play with this lovely yarn from Knitted Wit. It’s Silky ‘n’ Plied Worsted in Brown Sugar. Yum! I know exactly what it’s going to be, but I haven’t started it yet. Does it count as a WIP if I haven’t started? This one does have a deadline, so I think the answer is yes.


And! I was inspired by Vickie’s pashmina last week, so I want a light shawl in laceweight. I thought it was going to be rectangular, but after perusing Ravelry, I think it’s going to be a half pi shawl. I bought this beautiful Abstract Fiber laceweight in Pacific, and it wants to be a blueberry (half) pi! Check out this EZ 100th Anniversary Gull Wings Half Circle shawl. I think I’m in love. And I did cast on, so add it to the count.

pi starter

pi detail

Seven. Seven. Heaven help me. Time to get knitting!

10 responses to “Finish or Frog?

  1. We must be on the same channel. I just ripped out 2/3 of a finished sweater!!!!

    Does a project count as a WIP if you haven’t started? Absolutely! In your mind, you’ve already knitted a hundred times over 😀

    Pashmina is heavenly to knit and wear. The sweater I’m working on is just as sweet as the last one I finished last week. Enjoy the knitting and EZ-inspired beautiful lace (it’s been in my queue forever!)

  2. Love the new image too 😀

  3. I have to frog my version of Vodka Lemonade because I don’t have enough of this yarn and I can’t get more!

  4. I always thought you were perfect! Now I feel better about still having a few boxes around and getting used to our new neighborhood. German Fest is this weekend. Perhaps some of my favorite childhood foods will be there. Hope you’re enjoying summer with your family.

  5. quiltyknitwit

    Only seven?! Ha ha ha ha! I WISH I had only seven…

  6. Today is frogging/WIP day. I had some projects that have been hibernating for a couple of years and they were frogged. So just one big outstanding WIP that I hope to take care of this week and get it out of my hair. 😉 A couple of other lingering WIPs have been frogged and finished. I have a finished project that is also going to get frogged. I wasn’t happy with how it finished and so its going to become some other things.

    This is kind of fun!

    Good luck with yours!

  7. the liberation that comes from frogging is kind of addictive. I’m not adverse to it at all though I do think about it for a while before it happens. I also don’t like having too many things unfinished floating around – it stresses me out – which I know is ridiculous but I think it’s because I value my knitting time so much that I don’t like to see it wasted. So I finish everything I can, only frogging when I know for sure the project just wasn’t meant to be.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen that EZ shawl before – it’s stunning. And queued!

  8. LOL – I had you on a monogamous knitting pedestal and now I find you’re a knitting floozy just like me. 🙂

    My mom just asked when she was going to get her vest. I have to frog off the button band to redo it, and make another little change before she can wear it. We can have a frog party!

  9. I know – I’m semi-monogamous (I like to think that’s a word), but what with Ravelympics I’ve started a few more and now have 7 wips as well. Makes me anxious! I use the Ravelry wip app on my blog and I was shocked at how many showed up.

    I just frogged a finished sweater for the first time and it made me queasy – I NEVER frog past a certain point. BTW, I love your vodka lemonade! It looks great on you. And I’m going to look into EZ’s pi now…