Hedging my bets

I finished knitting my Raspberry Vodka Lemonade, and the entire time I was knitting the sleeves, I wondered if I had made it too small. I tend to second-guess myself when I’m nearing the end of something, and it takes all my will-power to push through. Thoughts of completely frogging the piece, or even just abandoning it, dance through my head as I knit on and on.

I’ve learned my lesson about ease in sweaters; too much ease just makes it look like my sweater is wearing me. But I was afraid that I might have gone overboard this time in my quest for a flattering fit with zero or minimal ease. I’m hoping that the seed stitch bands will relax a bit and cover just a bit more in the front.

VL blocking

Which they did. Now I’m just waiting for it to dry so I can try it on again. But you’ll notice that I haven’t sewn in my ends yet…in case I have to frog! But look how delicious all the subtle color shadings are in this Damson colored Luminous DK (85/15 Polwarth wool/Tussah silk) from Sincere Sheep.

While I’m waiting, I’ll show you pictures from our Tuesday hike. We did the Horsetail Falls Loop hike in the Columbia River Gorge. It’s an easy 2.6 mile hike with views of 3 waterfalls. It begins and ends at Horsetail Falls, which is 192 feet high and right off the Historic Columbia River Highway.


There’s a trail that wanders up to Ponytail Falls, which feeds Horsetail Falls.


This part of the trail goes behind the falls, which lends a great perspective.


The third waterfall on this hike is Middle Oneonta Falls. (There are three: Upper, Middle, and Lower)


Lots of greenery along the way…


…as well as some not as green things.



I like how the drops of sap look like beads on knitting. (It always comes back to knitting, doesn’t it?)

The end of the hike loops back to Horsetail Falls, where we spent some time hanging by the splash pool. I used to bring the kids here on hot summer days, a long time ago.


It was nice to get re-acquainted with the falls, and to do something completely different!

I’ll let you know about the Vodka Lemonade after I try it on…

15 responses to “Hedging my bets

  1. Do not frog! It looks gorgeous and I’m sure it will fit… fingers crossed.

  2. I love it – the sweater and the falls. The sweater is lovely laying there on its pink towel and weather worn wood, but its true luminescence will be revealed when you are wearing it (versus it “wearing” you). 🙂

    PS The yarn is lovely. Good choice.

  3. Thanks for the update on the sweater. I like my sweaters to wear me, and think I need to read up on ease.
    nice pictures from the hike too.

    • I used to knit sweaters with 1-2 inches of ease for a “standard fit” according to instructions in magazines in the 90’s/early 2000’s. Maybe that’s a good amount of ease on an average sized person, but I’m short and not particularly thin, and I looked like I was being swallowed up by the yarn monster! My favorite FO’s have been tank tops with zero or negative ease that hug the body. Much better looking, on me at least. We shall see if that was a good idea for this outerwear piece…or not!

  4. Fun! Anchorage is finally enjoying some sunny weather, so we’ve been out enjoying nature as well. I hope the VL fits as you like – how sad it would be to have to frog it. I’ve finished the black hole of seed stitch & am slowly working through the increases – have a quick birthday knit to finish before I can really work on VL with gusto. In any case – your VL is beautiful!

    • This was such a fun, intuitive knit. And miles of stockinette, which is great for multi-tasking or chatting with friends. I think it’s going to fit fine; blocking made the fabric relax and it is wonderful.

  5. linda gaylord

    sweater is beautiful! damn,makes me want to go out and knit one,too! but i think mine would be green–vodka limeade,anyone???

  6. Beautiful sweater and lovely pics!

  7. ease is something I am really not at ease (ha!) with at all. I never quite grasp it and just hope for the best. I must get over that. The colour of it is spectacular, as are the photos from your hike. That waterfall!

  8. I cannot wait to see that sweater on you. It looks gorgeous!!!

  9. I think I MUST get out to the west coast and do some hiking. Beautiful pictures.

    Beautiful sweater too. You are a knitting MACHINE!!!!

  10. Don’t you love falls hikes? I’ll soon be posting a few pictures of the ones I saw on my trips last week!

  11. quiltyknitwit

    Thank you for a beautiful & refreshing post! Maybe someday I’ll get to do that hike too.