Road trips, and swatching

The week has flown by! The weekend is here and I’m still on last weekend, which I began at Menucha Retreat Center in Corbett, in the Columbia Gorge. This is spring on my side of the mountains…damp and cool.



I always walk the labyrinth at Menucha. It helps me quiet my busy mind, and focus. A meditation and a revelation, perfect.


I don’t remember ever seeing this much color in the mosaic stones before. I guess all that moisture can have its advantages.


And Diane became a new spinner! I’ll pass along a spindle to her; I have more than I need.


I went home Saturday night, and on Sunday morning I headed to the other side of the Cascade Mountains with my friend Vickie. We went to Kahneeta to hang out with her mom in her mom’s new RV. Nice digs.


The landscape is completely different over there, sunny and dry.




The cattails reminded me of spindles, with their loads of fluff.


The cottonwoods were shedding their loads of fluff, too, and it made me think I should try to spin that…


With all that fluff going on, you may ask if there was any knitting. Yes, a bit.


I’m going to call this swatching, mostly because I’ve completely frogged it. I’ve started and ripped three times now, as I hone in on what I want from this piece. There have been a lot of “aha!” moments. I’m about to start my last (I hope) rip, because now I think I know exactly what this needs. This time. Real swatching would be smart, but I get so excited about getting started, I just jump right in. Oops. We’ll just call them “very large swatches.” At least this yarn can put up with repeated froggings. I may be impetuous and lazy, but I’m stubborn, too, and I will prevail…


The original colors, below. It turned out that the pale green in the variegated didn’t pop against the gray, so I had to choose a new background. It’s Violetas, also in Malabrigo worsted.


On our way back over the mountains, we stopped up at Timberline Lodge for the view. Here’s Mt. Jefferson from the parking lot:

(Love that sky!)


And Mt. Hood out the back window of the lodge, near the bar.


The bar window is pretty cool looking, too.

bar glass

And now mama bird is home, for a while.


What’s up for you this weekend? I think the boys (young men) are going to help me whip the back yard into shape. It’s Mother’s Day, and that means they’ll do it, even if it’s not their favorite thing to do! Don’t worry; I’m making a fabulous dinner as their reward…

7 responses to “Road trips, and swatching

  1. Beautiful getaway replay. I love the depression-era “drinking glasses” and the bar most…doesn’t say much about me and drinking, I assure you 😀

    Swatching…I am happiest when I just dive in and play along. However, since the start of knitting shop samples and test knitting, I have swatched more consistently. Otherwise, I knit enough to know how many stitches/rows I would get out of a typical yarn. So far, I’ve been pretty close.

  2. Such familiar landscapes, all. You make me quite homesick. I think I miss driving along the Colimbia River most.

  3. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful place. Loved the mother bird picture – we have a small tree where a dove made a nest last year. Yesterday, we found a mother robin in that nest, so we’ll have baby birds again this year.

    This weekend, my kids and husband took me out to dinner last night for Mother’s Day. Very nice. My college-aged son send me some funny “Mom” T-shirts. Today I’ll be calling my mother, and then just having a quiet Sunday with my family. Knitting-wise, I’m just plugging away on working out the last few kinks in my doll bathrobe pattern. Hopefully I’ll have the samples finished in a few days. Next project in the works: learning how to knit socks – by making doll-sized socks!

  4. Happy Mother’s Day, Michele! You certainly live in a beautiful part of the country.

    And don’t worry about those big *swatches* — I’ve had an almost complete sock that ended up being a *swatch*. 😉 Swatches happen!

  5. morewithles

    Beautiful photos!!!

  6. this post was just a series of beautiful, soothing, inspiring photos. Thank you!