What’s cooking?

A couple new designs in the works, but nothing to show yet. I really like both, though, and look forward to sharing them with you…eventually.

Who’s cooking?

Last Sunday, it was the boys. They moved the waffle station outdoors because it was a spectacularly beautiful day.

waffle station

They turned out great! Waffles, blueberry compote (trying to use up the rest of last summer’s blueberries before this summer’s crop), bellinis.


Yes, the yard looks pretty bad behind there. After brunch, the next phase began: Yard cleanup. This is the only thing I ever want for Mother’s Day, help in the yard!



We got the garage and shed roofs de-mossed and swept, and lots of weeding done.

(perspective is everything!)

And then we relaxed with dinner in the newly presentable space. Ahhhh.


Grilled scallops and shrimp on a bed of angel hair pasta and vegetables. No real recipe, but here’s the cast of characters:

Cooked angel hair pasta, drained
2 cups chicken broth, simmered with shiitake mushrooms and a bit of soy sauce
Stir fried vegetables: 3 heads baby bok choy, 1 red pepper, 1 cup snow pea pods. Add some sesame oil for depth of flavor, a couple ginger slices and some red pepper flakes for zing. When partially done, add some water and soy sauce, and steam until tender/crisp.

Pour the broth/mushrooms over the pasta to keep the pasta from getting too sticky (don’t make pasta too far ahead, or it will just be soggy). Assemble in shallow bowls: pasta/broth/mushrooms, top with veggies, lay the lovely scallops and shrimp on top. Eat!

ETA: I made this again, but no broth, just the stir fry, heartier pasta (so it doesn’t get sticky), and the scallops. We had to pan sear the scallops in olive oil and butter because it’s winter! Pour any liquid from the scallop searing pan into the pasta and veggies. Even better, I think.


11 responses to “What’s cooking?

  1. That looks delicious! Hub and I share the cooking now. After cooking for a family for 50 years, it is nice to have someone serve me these days.

  2. Looks great! If the boys ever want some “practice” to make sure they’re really good at yard work by the time Mother’s Day rolls around, you can send them my way. 🙂

    • It’s just like music. Not much practice, but show up on lesson day and muddle through! They only do this once a year, on the day that cannot be shirked…

  3. Both the waffles and the pasta look delicious! Your recipes are inspiring me to cook this weekend.

    • The weekend rolled around so quickly again! Tonight it’s lemon orzo pasta salad (recipe on my blog) and Vietnamese drumsticks (traditionally wings, but we prefer the meatier drums).

  4. Yum!!

  5. watching your world warm up is always nice – and moving the waffle station outside is inspired. What a great idea!

  6. I love the outdoor waffle station! What a fun idea.

  7. It all looks gorgeous! We’re moving Friday so haven’t been in touch but keep it up, you’ve got a great blog, not to mention a terrific husband and kids! What a great Mom’s day present to you. Thanks, Dee

  8. Oh those waffles look positively decadent!

    Looks like dinner was a good reward for all that hard work.

  9. Nice all around. Perfect combo–seafood and Angel Hair–my hubby’s favorite pasta. We love eating outdoor especially in warm days. There are plenty of it in coming months 😀 Thanks for the peek of what my boy will be useful for LOL Can’t wait to see your next designs.