Here, there, and everywhere

July is a crazy month (didn’t I say that about June?), but it’s all fun. Sock Summit is coming at the end of the month, and everything else leads to that!

I ran away for 24 hours over the weekend to Gig Harbor, Washington with a couple of friends from way back. We stayed in a lovely B&B on the water, caught up, laughed a lot, and then went to our respective homes in 3 different cities.

waterfront inn


Don’t these clouds look like the basis for a lace pattern? (Always thinking about knitting!)

saturday clouds

My first blueberries of the season are ripening. I like blueberries and lime, so I squashed some in my gin & tonic, and the drink eventually turned a lovely pinky-purple. (Is this a sign that I should drink faster?)

blueberry gt

Mt. Rainier at sunset graced our dinner.

rainier sunset

And my Lantern Moon sheep tape measure came to lunch on Sunday at the Tides Tavern. Great halibut fish & chips!


I learned a valuable knitting lesson on the way home. When you join two pieces of knitting to knit in the round, it’s just like beginning anything in the round. BE CAREFUL NOT TO TWIST! It wasn’t twisted when I joined it, but I forgot to check on the subsequent round, and when I got a couple rounds past the join, I knew I had a problem. It didn’t take long to fix, but it was car knitting time lost! All better now.


Where are you going this summer (or winter, for our friends down under)? What are you knitting?

9 responses to “Here, there, and everywhere

  1. Your dinner view looks like my dinner view when I was on Bainbridge Island. I could eat overlooking a marina any day.

    Did you knit the first few inches of each side sequentially or at the same time? (Not sure if it matters, but I’m curious anyway! I love the unseamed hem look.)

    • I’ve never been to Bainbridge, but I want to visit Churchmouse Yarns. Someday.

      I knit the two pieces sequentially; I don’t like having two balls of yarn to tangle! I’ll probably never knit socks two at a time for that very reason. Simpler, lighter, tidier…that’s the way I like knitting, and life.

  2. Beautiful getaway. I’ve been wanting to go back to Gig Harbor for awhile. This may just inspire me to do so soon. Thank God the world is our constant inspiration.

    A twist in the round forms a beautiful moebius 😀 You never know what you’ll venture into…something surprisingly pleasing and gorgeous.

    The gin looks yummy and blueberries…we are looking forward to picking them on the trail hikes in coming weeks. Happy Summer!

  3. We just got back from our vacation. We went to Philadelphia, where precious little knitting got done. So, that means…I’m STILL working on Steve’s waffle socks.

  4. peacefulknitter

    Looks like a lovely getaway! I’ve got 3 fingering weight projects on the needles: a shawl and 2 socks. Must be getting excited for SS11!

  5. You live in such a beautiful part of the country and you have the loveliest get-aways. I’ve got to make it out there one of these days!

    I’m doing my usual summer routine: one trip to DC/Virginia to visit my brothers and a second trip to Berkeley, CA, to visit my BFF. I am lucky that the people I love live in great places to visit!

  6. Just lovely! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time. 😀 Lots of travel in my neck of the woods as well, but I truly enjoy staying home as well. It’s so nice and peaceful not to have anything to get done.

  7. What a beautiful place to stay in Gig Harbor? I’ve been there once & thought it was so lovely; should return. We just returned home from a 3 week road trip AK – WA – OR – AK via Victoria, BC. It was a grand trip & plenty of time to finish some major projects (Waves In The Square Shawl & Karren Sweater). Love to travel, but I’m glad to be home! Now to go & block my projects!

  8. Gig Harbor is a great little town! My grandma lived there in the last years of her life, so I’ve visited it a number of times. We just got done with a trip down the Al-Can from Anchorage to Molalla, OR. We visited family all along the way! It was a lot of fun! Now, I’m getting ready to head back down to Portland for Sock Summit!!