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Here, there, and everywhere

July is a crazy month (didn’t I say that about June?), but it’s all fun. Sock Summit is coming at the end of the month, and everything else leads to that!

I ran away for 24 hours over the weekend to Gig Harbor, Washington with a couple of friends from way back. We stayed in a lovely B&B on the water, caught up, laughed a lot, and then went to our respective homes in 3 different cities.

waterfront inn


Don’t these clouds look like the basis for a lace pattern? (Always thinking about knitting!)

saturday clouds

My first blueberries of the season are ripening. I like blueberries and lime, so I squashed some in my gin & tonic, and the drink eventually turned a lovely pinky-purple. (Is this a sign that I should drink faster?)

blueberry gt

Mt. Rainier at sunset graced our dinner.

rainier sunset

And my Lantern Moon sheep tape measure came to lunch on Sunday at the Tides Tavern. Great halibut fish & chips!


I learned a valuable knitting lesson on the way home. When you join two pieces of knitting to knit in the round, it’s just like beginning anything in the round. BE CAREFUL NOT TO TWIST! It wasn’t twisted when I joined it, but I forgot to check on the subsequent round, and when I got a couple rounds past the join, I knew I had a problem. It didn’t take long to fix, but it was car knitting time lost! All better now.


Where are you going this summer (or winter, for our friends down under)? What are you knitting?