Another pretty place

but this time I forgot to take a picture with the sheep!

I took this one instead, as my friend P contemplated the roaring cataract of the Middle Falls on the north fork of the Lewis River.

middle falls view

The Lower Falls were rather gorgeous, too.

lower falls 2

We had a late spring this year, and the water is high and fast. Here’s what it looked like in 2009 (different angle, but you get the idea). That year, we took the kids across the river to play behind this very same waterfall. Not this time!


On a hike between the two waterfalls, I could hear the musical tinkling of rocks rolling down this cliff. The erosion has created quite a sculpture.

eroding cliff

I liked the Dr. Seuss quality of the lumpy moss on the dead tree standing by this nurse log.

nurse log

And I never get tired of this view.


It was a quick overnight camping trip; we’ve been camping with the same families for several years, and last week we realized that this week was the only one where we could all go at the same time before the kids head to college. The other families stayed for two nights, but I could only do one. It was fun, anyway. I did get some knitting done on my ruffle tank, and now it smells like a campfire. Good thing I’ll be washing and blocking it when it’s done.

What else is up? I’ve been playing Words With Friends, with several friends. Addictive and a productivity sink hole, but I love it anyway. Everybody’s playing, including Bells from BellsKnits and Kay from Mason-Dixon Knitting. Kay just beat me two in a row. C’mon, you know you want to play, too…

9 responses to “Another pretty place

  1. I’d love to play … I’m Dee.K. That’s with a period after the second e and one after the K.

    Your pictures are beautiful! I love the ridged rocks.

  2. Wonderful images! Thanks for sharing. Glad you managed one night with everyone. Traditions like that are so special.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous photos! What an amazing place. I love those old trees.

  4. So pretty! Camping can be such a treat.

  5. Breathtaking! Gorgeous photos. DSLR or no DSLR…you are amazing photographer 😀

    I have a few fiber friends who are totally obsessed with Words with Friends! Not me…it would cut into my knitting, spinning, quilting….

  6. Beautiful scenery! Ok where do I sign up for Words with Friends?

  7. Words With Friends! Love.It. I’m ArcticKnitter (shocking, I know…) Looks like you had a great time – beautiful location!

  8. Sounds like a great trip! I’m one of your other Dee’s, the one who doesn’t knit. My knitting lady sold the shop and disappeared. Our friend JF showed up last week and we caught up a bit. She got 24 hrs of r&r. I missed her concert because Jim had a funeral in TX… so it goes. D

  9. gosh your photos are breathtaking – and that rock sculpture!

    I wouldn’t tire of that tree canopy view either. Magical.

    My dream is to be as good as you are at WWF!