June Community Supported Yarn

Lorajean (Knitted Wit) came for coffee yesterday, to pick up her blocked shawls and to deliver my June CSY. If you’re in the club and don’t want a spoiler, don’t scroll down! Let’s see, what can I put here to distract you? How about this new Lantern Moon bag that’s coming out in August? I want one…It’s called Savannah.


Okay, look away if you don’t want to see the yarn.


This color is called Lost at Sea. So gorgeous! The yarn is Silky ‘n’ Single, which is 100 gm/225 yd hank of 60% wool 40% silk, single ply, worsted weight. I used it for my Hanami Cowl in Sakura pink, and it feels so great to knit with it. Now I just have to figure out what to make. Or design a new thing…

Lorajean was labeling and getting ready to mail, so I know I have mine before y’all have yours. Phbbbbbt!


And! She brought doughnuts from Annie’s!


A perfect morning.

5 responses to “June Community Supported Yarn

  1. LOVE the bag. May I assume it will be at Black Sheep? I love the new yarn. It’s so gorgeous and silky looking. Lucky you to get to play before everyone else does 😀

  2. Donuts and yarn! How much better can it get? Love it! 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh — yarn AND doughnuts! Too yummy for words!

  4. What a gorgeous bag! Way too tempting. Right now I want an updated version colors of the Powell’s Books last canvas bag which they no longer produce. And your knitting–beautiful.

    Thinking we’ll run into one another at Close Knit Wednesday night. Someone was finishing a pretty curtain last night.

  5. oh my! That pile of stunning pale greeny blue yarn is just gorgeous. Wow!!