or not. Remember this?

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I nearly finished it. Do you know that a ruffle formed by decreases, like the one above, won’t match a ruffle formed by increases at the other end of the knitting? At least, mine didn’t. Guess I should have swatched all portions of this project before jumping in head first! It’s all been ripped, and I’ve started over, sans ruffle. The good news is that it’s really quick knitting in this Knitted Wit Silky & Single Worsted, so it will be done in a couple days. Pictures later.

My Aunt Rose is in town visiting. She’s the person who taught me to knit, way back when. Of course, we went yarn shopping. We stopped at Twisted, where she and Uncle P perused the patterns.


Cousin S found the Malabrigo Rios.


This is going home with her.


We went to the iconic Voodoo Donuts. This was my first trip there; it’s fun to have out of town guests so you can be a tourist in your own town. The wait was only about 10 minutes, unlike on the weekends. It’s counter service only; you take your pink box of donuts and go elsewhere.


We bought bacon maple bars. Sounds weird, but think of Saturday breakfast with bacon and pancakes with maple syrup. They were quite tasty!

bacon maple bar

And finally, an update: I’m donating all proceeds from online sales of my Pacific Shawl pattern in March and April to the Red Cross for Japan disaster relief. So far I’ve sold 57 patterns, so $342 will be going to the Red Cross. Thanks so much for being a part of this. I’m waiting until the end of April before sending the money, so there’s still time if you want to participate.

Back to work today, and knitting.

11 responses to “ruffles…

  1. Now that it’s frogged… couldn’t you knit another ruffle for the end and then graft the two pieces together?

  2. Your family is too sweet! I wish I had people cone visit so I could show them around (i really want a donut!)

  3. But, you have a great discovery LOL I can’t wait to see the new design. Hurry up, please! I have been eyeing on the Malabrigo Rios Blue. They are absolutely gorgeous. Great choices. I’m sure your auntie Rose is very proud of your accomplishment 😀 Your donut makes me hungry for sweet! Yummmmmmmy.

  4. Malabrigo and Bacon Maple Bars in the SAME blog post! You should be x-rated Michelle. 😉
    Have fun with your family!

  5. Oh – my husband & his Lake Oswego buddy *love* those bacon maple bars!

  6. Nice to see such a loving family, I’ve heard about that donut place and the donut looked yummy, who doesn’t love bacon.

  7. How fun to go yarn shopping with your aunt! Love the yarn haul.

  8. morewithles

    Wow — that is so awesome that you are able to donate so much! (Congrats on the uber popular pattern!) And now I really, really want one of those donuts.

    • I’m pleased to be able to make the donation. But I’m humbled when I see what Kay Gardiner over at Mason-Dixon Knitting has done. $9000 and counting!

  9. Bacon Maple Bars!!!!!!!!! Voodoo Donuts!!!!!!
    I’m so sorry to hear you had to rip out your project but I can only focus on the food right now…..
    And a donation is a donation no matter the amount…be proud!