Sorry for the radio silence; I’ve been knitting! I just finished a little something.

sakura full set

This is Sakura, a cowl and wristlet set. It was inspired by the lovely yarns that Lorajean (Knitted Wit) dyed as a fundraiser for Japan earthquake relief. When I saw the luminous Silky n Single (60/40 wool/silk single ply worsted weight), I knew just what it should be. It took a few tries to get it right, though.

sakura texture 2

Knitting with this yarn is like knitting with a cloud. It’s light, and airy, and sturdy and delicate at the same time. Sturdy to knit with, but it doesn’t particularly like being frogged! So I’ve done all the experimenting with it so you don’t have to. You can knit this set with other worsted weight yarns, but it’s so pretty in this pink, and if you buy this particular yarn from Knitted Wit, $10 from the skein goes to Mercy Corps.


sakura close

Pattern will be up next week, I think. I’m sending a few copies with Lorajean to the Columbia Gorge Fiber Festival today, along with the sample cowl and wristlets, but I’m waiting for the gorgeous weeping cherry at the school across the street to bloom so I can use it as a backdrop for better photos. We’ll see if the weather cooperates, and if they chase me off the lawn. Crazy knitting lady is out there draping hand-knits in the trees, and taking pictures!

Collaborating with Lorajean is fun, and a pleasure. I have another knit to show you soon…

8 responses to “sakura

  1. Very pretty!

    The weather people swear that things are supposed to be nice starting on Sunday (if you believe those people) and no rain for a week. You should be able to get your pics. All the ornamental cherries are blooming on this side of town. My Asian pear is in full bloom, the eating cherries look like they’ll be along soon and the ornamental crabapples look like they’re getting ready to burst forth.

    Hope your pattern inspires lots of sales for Lorajean!

  2. Beautiful yarn and gorgeous pattern Michelle. Love them!

  3. Love the pattern! Wonder if there’s something in the air with the color lavender. I’m making a pair of lavender socks!

  4. Bethany Steiner

    Gorgeous! I love the color. I’m not usually a pink person, but these are beautiful!! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Sakura really does look like a beautiful yarn and your elegant pattern shows off the yarn very nicely.

  6. WOW. Perfect lace design for perfect yarn!! You did the silky goodness proud. And when collaboration works in harmony, it’s just heavenly. Thank you for sharing your inspiring work, Michele.

    Aren’t we knitter funny with our photo shoots LOL I’ve been chased off by my neighbors for the very same reason…It’s rainy here and signs of spring are everywhere.

  7. Beautiful! Nice job!

  8. What a lovely set! I flew to Washington, D.C., a couple days ago and the cherry trees are in full bloom! It’s spectacular. Your set has captured their beauty.