It’s knitting time!


Today’s question on 2KCBW: “Write about your typical crafting time. When it is that you are likely to craft – alone or in more social environments, when watching TV or whilst taking bus journeys. ”

Looking back over past couple weeks, here’s where I’ve knit:

  • On airplanes. I got a lot done; it was a cross-country trip.
  • While teaching a class at the LYS (waiting for students to get to the next instruction point).
  • In the chair at the ophthalmologist’s office. (I thought about asking her to take my picture, but decided that she already thinks I’m odd enough.) Also in the waiting room, and while waiting for my vision to return to normal so I could drive to work.
  • At knit nite. This is the best!
  • While watching Castle with the Teen, or watching Glee on my laptop
  • In church…(it really does help me focus)

I find I tend to knit more when I’m waiting, or traveling, or doing something else, as it keeps me from being impatient and helps me to focus. If I’m just home, I tend to surf the internet instead. But when I really need to get something done, I’ll pop in a dvd and that’s just enough to get me to sit still and knit. I watched the Tudors series from Showtime on dvd, and that was highly productive for knitting. Knit nite is fun for knitting, but there’s a lot of distraction there, too. It’s good to have the time set aside, though.

My favorite knits are not quite mindless, but not projects that take a lot of concentration, either. I like a good multi-tasking knit project. I can even knit and read on my Kindle! I find that stitch markers are a great help; I can knit along until a marker lets me know that I need to pay attention for a moment. Here’s the current knitting:

sakura laptop

Yes, it starts with a ruffle!

What’s your favorite kind of knitting?

This is the last of the Second Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week posts. It’s been really fun! I think I’ve knit less this week because of all the blog reading and writing, but I’ll catch up next week. Big thanks to Eskimimi for planning this, and for all the fun topics!I hope you’ve enjoyed reading along.


14 responses to “It’s knitting time!

  1. I knit anywhere, anytime…best is when I have to wait in line for something. If someone appears to be in a hurry/impatient, I gladly let him/her go ahead of me. Oh, the silky pink ruffle is so gorgeous! Is it Malabrigo Silk/Merino? I got a batch of blackberry recently for some form of sweater.

    My favorite knit is a combo of lace and cable–with that, I am happy it be any form. I rarely use stitch marker (but I sure love making them for gifts) as I tend to see pattern in segment anyway. Stitch markers get in the way of knitting, slow it down so to speak, plus if not careful it leaves a ladder.

    • The silk is Knitted Wit’s 60/40 wool/silk worsted, Sakura that she’s doing as a fundraiser for Japan disaster relief.
      It’s really gorgeous, and so lovely and soft to work with. I’ve gotten about a third of the way through my design and of course am having more ideas of how to make it better. Do I start over? This happens to me a lot…

      I’m usually multi-tasking, so I like having the stitch markers to tell my fingers to stop and take a look. No ladders yet!

  2. Oh I love the Tudors too! I wish I could crochet in church, I would feel weird though 🙂

  3. I knit during staff meetings – like you, it helps me stay focused & less likely to chat with my neighbors. I also like to knit while I’m catching up on TV (Glee! & English Premiere League Football). Blog Post weeks sounds like a great idea – perhaps I’ll join in next year. Thanks for sharing this week – great topics!

  4. I agree with the sitting at home doesn’t work, too much interneting for me. I love knitting while the kids are playing. That feels productive and a little sneaky!

    • My first knitting group here in Portland was our kids’ play group. I met Anne at Grant pool after moving here in 1995; we were both knitting. She had a couple friends who knit, too, so we would knit while the kids all played. Bliss! These were the knitters who made Gromits with me, way back when.

  5. Knit night sounds so fun!
    I like any kind of knitting as long as I’m totally psyched about the outcome.

  6. Given the opportunity, I’ll knit pretty much anywhere and anytime my hands have nothing else to be doing. It’s one of the things I really love about knitting, because if I’m not doing that, I’m fidgeting with something else, and that has led to breaking stuff, injuring myself, annoying other people with the sounds whatever I’m fidgeting with makes, etc. Knitting is not only a less harmful alternative to all these things, but at the end of it, I’ve produced something. Yay!

  7. I’m all about the TV knitting, and Castle is one of my shows too 😉

  8. I am amazed by people who can knit and read! I’m more suited for knittinging and TV. I’ve done a lot of knitting to the Tudors, too, and still have a season yet to watch. I also like knitting among a small group of friends so I can get a lot done yet still participate in the talk.

  9. I also did a lot of knitting while watching the Tudors!! I also love Battlestar Gallactica.

  10. I knit in front of tv. Less guilt!
    In the car on a long trip. Passenger seat only!
    In the airport, waiting for my connecting flight
    Outside on a summer day, preferably near a lake. Perfect!

  11. That Sakura wool/silk is gorgeous!!! I bought some sock yarn in that color, but now I’m thinking I need more!!

    I knit while traveling (I love delays in air travel!! go figure), in line whether at the grocery store or the drive thru coffee stand, when traffic is at a standstill, while waiting for car repair, Dr’s office, etc…but mostly in front of the TV…Glee, Castle, L&O, CSI, if it’s on TV, DVD, laptop, or whatever-I’ll knit to it!!

  12. I knit in the car. (My husband always drives)
    Watching tv or movies. (Easy knitting during 3d movies)
    anywhere else possible.