Sunny, fake i-cord, and a survey

The Teen and I went to Tucson this weekend to visit the University of Arizona. We loved the weather: sunny and warm, 70 degrees f.


The flora was quite different from PDX.

barrel cacti

turtle pond

It was an Honors visit weekend, and they did a great job of promoting the Honors College and the UA in general. The engineering department presentations were stellar. It’s a pretty big university (30,000 undergrad) which makes for a vibrant campus. We both really liked the school. It’s good to know that this is a viable option. Next month: more college visits. ‘Tis the season!

I knit through a lot of presentations, and finished a project which I can’t blog yet, but will blog soon. Meanwhile, here’s a tiny bit of another project I can’t blog yet. Do you ever use knitted cord? You can knit a tiny 2 or 3 stitch i-cord, which can be really tedious. Or you can crochet a chain, but then it’s not knit, and it looks a little unfinished. Or…

fake icord

you can cast on a bunch of stitches, and on the very next row, bind them all off. That’s my new favorite cord.

One more knitty thing: My friend Lorajean (Knitted Wit) is conducting a survey to help her decide how to shape her business. If you complete the 10 question survey and share it to Facebook or Twitter, you’ll get a coupon for 40% off in her store. You get a discount, she gets your helpful information, everybody wins.


13 responses to “Sunny, fake i-cord, and a survey

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  2. We are on year two of college selections….I’ll be glad to have a break. I’d go for that sunshine any day!

  3. Tucson has some fabulous places. We had a house in Ventana Canyon in late 80s and was going to move there. The temp where we were was about 20 degrees cooler than rest of the city, with citric trees around the property. It was a perfect getaway. WOW–30K students! I took my older teen to UOA for campus tour last summer and we were told there were about 5K. I think my girl would be overwhelmed by the size1! Good luck in school shopping. It’s quite a demanding task. At last, I have 3 more years to think about…I will pick your brain then 😀

    Both knitted and crocheted cords have their places. Unlike crocheted cord, knitted I-cord is not very pliable (relatively shapeless on its own.) However, the scribbling i-cord ideas presented in Nicky Epstein’s latest book are very fun to do.

    I find that more and more many giveaways/contests are offered via Facebook and Tweeter. Great incentive but I am still not wanting to join the social scene. I finally was able to put myself on vacation with Ravelery over the weekend…that was no small effort, I tell you. So, for now, I am just happy to spend my focus on designing and knitting swatches 😀

  4. I like the look of your cord! That’s a little easier than icord, huh? Have fun searching out colleges!

  5. Lovely pictures. My friend’s daughter is at UofA and loving it by all accounts.We’re on year 2 of applications, this time as a transfer student hoping to get Junior standing. We have one place left to visit, but applications are in, so we’re just waiting. Next year I have to go through it all over again, except this time I fear we may be looking at Design School! (Ouch!!)

  6. Looks like you guys had a great time and brought some of the sun back with you!

    Sometimes i-cord isn’t bad to do, others its something to be avoided. 😉

  7. My brother is a prof of hydrology at U of AZ.
    Has a good engineering school and Tucson is a nice size city.

  8. BTW, I used a cable cast on, because I knew I wouldn’t run out of yarn! This means that it was knit on one side and purl on the other, which I think gives it curliness, and I wanted a spirally cord. If you want more of a garter cord, you could use a long tail cast on and bind off knitwise, or cable cast on and bind off purlwise…

  9. Wow…is that the sun? I think I remember what that looks like. So happy you had a great time.

  10. I’ve never made a cord that way (casting on then off). Very cool!

    Love seeing these pictures of sun… I haven’t seen sun and warm in a while now.

  11. Cactus!! That is a change of pace from PDX flora!
    I like the cord you did…your secret project is quite intriguing!! 🙂
    Happy Friday-eve!

  12. Love the i-cord trick! I am definitely filing this for future reference.

  13. Hooray UA — my alma mater!!!! Tucson rocks, by the way. I think your son will have a great time (but not too great — UA is a great school despite the big size, so he’ll be working hard academically too!) . It’s a wonderful, vibrant community and I hope to move back there one day.