Potpourri post

A little of this, a little of that.

We’re in college visit season, as you could see from my last post. We have another trip coming up, to another warm place. I think theTeen wants to escape the rain!

3 o clock

Too bad theTeen no longer knits. He used to knit, a long time ago. He even knit one red worm. (Naomi Dagen Bloom’s worm; she used to live in NYC, as did we, and now she blogs here in PDX as A Little Red Hen. Small world!) Anyway, I found out about this scholarship opportunity recently.

Five $3,000 scholarships are now available to hardworking students who can knit or crochet (that’s $15,000 total)! Jimmy Beans Wool has teamed up with many people in the fiber arts industry to provide the Beans For Brains Scholarship for deserving knitters and crocheters! This merit-based award is for students who will be attending an accredited institution in the Fall of 2011. You can get more information and an application by visiting the Beans For Brains Scholarship page (the deadline for submissions is April 1st). Not attending college but know someone who is or will be? Spread the word and help the next generation of fiber artists fund their dreams of higher education!

Maybe I should get him started again. I’m a knitting evangelist! What else? I finished the project I was working on at last week’s knit nite, but I’ll blog about it next week. This week? I finished the first sleeve on my Heather Hoodie cardi, and started the second. It goes really quickly, when I actually knit on it!


Oh, you want to see the *knitting*?


I also started on a project for Sock Summit. I’m using Knitted Wit’s lovely Bling (sparkly) yarn; she dyed both of these for me and I am having a hard time choosing which color to knit first! I think I’ll eventually use both of these, separately. The one on the left has blue overtones, and the one on the right is more gray.



My tiny start here isn’t quite what I want, so this will get ripped out and I’ll start again. This is my favorite part of designing: the dreaming about what it’s going to be, and starting and re-starting until it matches the dream. Frustrating sometimes, but that’s okay.

What are you knitting now?

11 responses to “Potpourri post

  1. A mitten and the 50g club for feb. Not to mention all the abandoned wips 😦

  2. Thanks for the scholarship info. I’ll pass it on. Hopefully it will be around when my 14-year-old knitter goes to college and she still knits then 😀

    The hoodie is looking great and I think your cat agrees and trying to claim.

    I saw the new Knitwit stuff at Twisted last week. They are gorgeous sparkles. Can’t wait to see what it will become. Ironically, before scrolling down, I thought you would cast on the blue one on the left…just to show how much you do like BLUE LOL

    It’s all so exciting to play with designs. I just finished one for a special girl and another one on deck that must be done in less than a week. YIKES! Crunch time…

  3. Ooh. Sparklies.

  4. Love that burgundy on the cardi.

    I’m knitting on socks. Gee, are you surprised? This time it is Escalator socks which might be for me or might be for the DH. We’ll see how “girly” they look when they are finished.

  5. I’m working on a pair of sample socks of one of my patterns for Knit Picks! I love the sweater…but that second picture is priceless! The first, your cat is all, “Hello! Aren’t I cute?” The second, you can tell he/she is a little miffed and not being the reason for the picture.

  6. I absolutely love that cardigan! Great pattern, beautiful color, what more can you ask for? Cute kitty, too. ^:^

  7. I’m working on baby stuff. I know a few pregnant women and I have some leftover stash from this year so I’ll put it to good use.
    If there’s any chance you’ll be coming to NYC to look at schools, lemme know!

  8. Ankle warmers! I got the yarn for Christmas, and I’m still pretty stoked about it.

    And I wonder if there are any knitting scholarships up here…

  9. I love the idea of that scholarship! My daughter got word of her first outside scholarship (definitely not knitting!)! The first of many, I hope.

  10. Spotted that scholarship this week too, but Susielusie’s too young yet. She does knit and design though, so it’s one for the future.
    Your Hoodie is going to look wonderful. I love your little friend too! Looking forward to seeing where you and the Teen head to next.

  11. Sparklies are the key to knitting success! We’re depending on Aunt Lorna’s crafty knits for scarves, as my hands fall apart in the desert air and not picking up knitting needles for nearly three decades. I still love your knitting and photos. PC Pippi