Entrelac madness

Looking at next month, I hereby declare February to be entrelac month. I’m teaching two entrelac classes at Twisted. One is for Athena, which is entrelac in the round, on Saturday, February 5.

athena 4

mochi close

And the other class is for Infinity, which is entrelac knit flat (so it has side triangles), with a bit of lace in the center rectangles.


Want to sign up? Contact Twisted. Hope to see you soon!

4 responses to “Entrelac madness

  1. Alas!…and here I am in Louisiana! Looks like lovely projects. They should be well received.

  2. Wish I could go!!!

  3. Definitely tempting! I think I even have some mini mochi in the stash, just need to check my schedule…

  4. hmmm, entrelac is one of those knitting frontiers I’m yet to explore. Each year I say maybe this year will be it. Maybe it will!