‘ukulele and more music

Just to be clear, we did make it back in time for Christmas. It was theTeen’s last appearance as guitarist/liturgist in the Christmas pageant run by the youth. He’s a HS senior, and I’m having empty nest syndrome already…


(incoming flock of angels, just had to share)

But not so much empty nest syndrome that DH and I didn’t abandon him to his own devices for a week so we could play and Christmas shop in Hawaii. DH and I took a ‘ukelele class with this guy one afternoon.

uke dude

It was easy to pick up a few chords, and as I tell my Pastries, three chords makes a simple song. Since there are only 4 strings, it’s a bit easier than guitar. I can play a barre chord! DH fell in love with the instrument, so I offered to buy him one for Christmas. We shopped here, based on the recommendation of one of my guitar buddies.


mele ukes

Lovely instruments, but we weren’t quite ready to buy.

We went to a show at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center and saw slack-key guitarist George Kahumoku, Jr., and Daniel Ho, who sings, plays piano, ‘ukelele, slack-key guitar, and I don’t know what else. Both of these talented gentlemen have won Grammy awards for their work. Uncle George even let us hold them for a photo op.

grammies 2

When we came home to rainy Portland, it was time to jump right back into Christmas week activities. We finished our uke shopping at Artichoke Music, our favorite local music shop. (We bought our first guitars there many years ago.) There weren’t a lot of ukes in stock (a run on ukes for Christmas, who woulda thunk it?), so we ended up buying a Fluke. Interesting construction, made in USA, big happy sound. It’s very sturdy and DH will be able to take it on his many travels. A winner!


Here’s one knit related thing in this post. Sharon won this vintage learn-to-knit booklet in the white elephant gift exchange at the Lantern Moon holiday party. I love the expression on the knitter’s face.

knit book

What’s your favorite knitterly gift this year?

14 responses to “‘ukulele and more music

  1. While I’m glad to see your husband has jumped in with both feet on the uke front, please have him take pity on his hotel room neighbors while traveling

  2. very cool pictures as always Michele!

    I love vintage knitting booklets. The pictures in them are often a riot. This year I got some yarn for Christmas, 4 skeins of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted in Green Apple ( one of the limited edition colorways at Angelika’s Yarn Store). When I have my someday fiber room, I’ll be able to admire all the beautiful yarns in my collection that are packed away in the bins. 🙂

  3. I got three skeins of yarn, two sock and one mohair. My DH also made me his own interpretation of a box lazy kate. I need to do some spinning to see how it works, but the actual box is very pretty.

  4. For Christmas I received a gorgeous watch that has been very handy especially since the shuttle to the train station can get caught up in traffic and it is vital to know the exact time, even with no traffic I only have 5 minutes from shuttle to train departure, so a couple of minutes means a train that leaves 10 minutes later and that is in another part of the station.

  5. I got a Ukulele for christmas too! I’m going to Artichoke for a little class after TNNA, so excited! I don’t think I got any knitting presents. I’m pretty sure I want to sign up for the club at Twisted, the socks for suckers club.

  6. Looks like a great trip! For Hanukkah, I received a generous gift certificate to my LYS — I was VERY excited! 🙂 Happy New Year!

  7. Love the ukelele you got for hubby! It’s very cool looking. 🙂

    I received a big certificate to The Loopy Ewe… still haven’t bought anything with it, though, as I’m trying to knit dow some stash. I’m excited about getting something gorgeous soon.

  8. What a great time you guys had! That book takes the cake, though. She seems terrified of her knitting. My personal beginner knitter attitude was not half as suspicious. Which probably explains how my first sweater turned out.

  9. I didn’t GET any knitting gifts this year. I would say I was sad about that, but with all I already have … well, that would just be greedy! LOL

    My favorite gift this year was good health — so I guess my favorite gift giver is Dr. Dukes. 😉

  10. OOh, My husband and I adore Mele Ukulele! We picked up a tenor in may and my husband is already talking about getting another one this year when we go. I’ve still got to learn, though.

  11. ooh you got to hold a real grammy! that’s exciting!

    That picture of the new knitter – that’s just gorgeous. What a hoot!

    I didn’t get much in the way of knitterly gifts for christmas but a friend gave me some Wollmeise laceweight for my birthday last year that I cast on after christmas for a shawl and I LOVE it!

  12. Vintage knitting books are the best. I recieved the revised Aran Knitting by Alice Starmore for Christmas….I’m a happy girl.
    Happy New Year to you and your wonderful family.

  13. I LOVE that vintage knitting book! I also love Hawaii. Looks like you had a great trip.

    The empty nest is weird. When DD (the younger) went off to college I was inconsolable. Now I’m on the roller coaster of the highs when they’re home and the lows when they’re back to school! DS goes to school in Madison, and is usually open to be taken out to eat. When he leaves town, it’s going to be hard!

  14. What a fun trip you had! Plus that knitting booklet looks like fun; I’d love to see the illustrations inside (if there are any :D)