Tempus fugit

Time flies!

DH and I escaped the pre-Christmas bustle and spent a week on Maui. It was warm, and mostly sunny. Perhaps not the most knitterly weather, but I managed, somehow. Here’s the view with and without knitting.

infinity view

kbh view

It was a perfectly relaxing week, which was just what we needed. The guidebooks all say that you should go up Haleakala (the volcano) to see the sunrise. You’d have to leave at 3 a.m. to make this happen, and drive a long winding road. In the dark. We decided that the only way we’d see the sun rise over Haleakala would be from our front porch. The sky was glorious just before sunrise.

friday haleakala pre sunrise

And the sun itself wasn’t half bad looking, either.

friday sunrise haleakala

We did go up Haleakala one afternoon, and it was beautiful in the crater. There are so many colors of sand and rock! We hiked down a bit; coming back up was a lot more work. We started at 9700 ft., but I forgot to check my iPhone altimeter to see how far down we had gone. (Yes, there’s an app for that.)

cinder cones

On the drive back down, the clouds had come in and the sun was shining on the water in a most hazily glorious way. I couldn’t tell where the horizon was because of the clouds. I wasn’t quite sure what I was looking at, because it was so bright, so I just took pictures and hoped for the best.

haleakala descent sunset2

Here’s my other favorite sunset of the week, down in Wailea.

wailea sunset

More in the next post…

7 responses to “Tempus fugit

  1. Beautiful pictures and what a wonderful way to spend Christmas week.

  2. Beautiful photos! Looks like you had a wonderful getaway. Happy New Year!!!

  3. Glorious indeed. Beautiful captivating photos. What fabulous way to escape the pre-Christmas hustle bustle. Wailea is my fondest spot in Hawaii. Happy New Year!

  4. I just love picture postcards!

  5. WOW! Those are beautiful photos!

  6. Stunning! I dream of going to Hawaii one day.

  7. Beautiful! We’re planning to return to Hawaii again next year for the holidays. Contemplating Maui versus another trip to Kauai – you’re photos are certainly weighing in favor of Maui! Happy New Year!