I have had a copy of Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitter’s Almanac forever. It’s an inexpensive little thing; I think it cost $6.95.


There’s a new commemorative edition, with writings by the Yarn Harlot and, oh, I don’t know who else because I haven’t had a chance to open the book yet! I’m on my way to TNNA with Lantern Moon. I’ll update from there…


6 responses to “Almanacs

  1. Have a wonderful time!

  2. I got one too for Christmas 😀 Like you, I just schemed through it briefly. Have fun at TNNA! I am full of envies 😀

  3. LUCKY! Have a good time. =D

  4. Rhonda from Baddeck

    Is the bigger format to accommodate larger text? Maybe they recognize the demographic that ‘grew up’ with EZ as their teacher, and want to make it easy for us to read. 😉 Have a great time at TNNA!

  5. That’s by far my favorite of EZ’s books! Hope you had a great time at TNNA.