New needles

If you read my other blog at, you know that the new ebony and rosewood interchangeable needle sets have come in to the warehouse. I’ve been knitting with a prototype of these needles. The joins are really smooth. My yarn doesn’t catch on them, and I haven’t had any come apart while knitting with them. (This used to happen to me with other my Boye aluminum interchangeable needles, a long time ago. I’ve become a wooden needle convert since then.)

The needle tips I’m knitting with are the new Featherlight wood, which is certified as sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council. The interchangeables won’t be in this wood, at least not for now. I just happen to have gotten lucky and borrowed these to play with. Check them out.


I knit my Mini Mochi fingering weight Infinity Entrelac Infinity Scarf with the size 4 tips.

And I’m now knitting another Noro DK weight version with the size 7 tips.

I like them a lot. They’re not quite as slick as my ebony needles, but I like the slate gray color and slight texture on them. I haven’t been knitting too much this week; the view is a distraction.

infinity view

Stay warm!

15 responses to “New needles

  1. ……and what a view it is! Happy Holidays!

  2. I got to see the case with the needles up close and personal this afternoon – :sigh: – so lovely!

    Moving way up to the top of my wish list!

  3. Hawaii? We’re headed there tomorrow. After temps below zero (it’s -5°F right now) I’m certainly looking forward to a nice view, even if it distracts me from knitting!

  4. Sweet. I look forward to checking them out when I am over in Portland soon. I love the Mochi but the Noro Infinity looks awesome too. Enjoy the relaxation. The view is beautifully breathtaking.

  5. They look beautiful. Would love to see them up close and personal.

  6. Really gorgeous view! The knitting needles sound very nice, I love the idea of an interchangeable set in beautiful woods and appreciate the info about the sustainable forest and believe that this give knitting even better support, hope all companies will adopt this kind of thinking.

  7. LOVE that last shot!

  8. Wow, nice view! It’s freezing cold here, so it’s nice to see a place where there’s actually sunlight and warmth. 🙂

    The needles look so pretty! I don’t like knitting with wood, though, but I do love the look of them. 🙂

  9. Your entrelac scarf looks lovely. Love the colour combinations. And the wooden interchangebales sound great–maybe someday . . . I do love the warm feel of wooden needles.
    By the way, love the view! Happy holidays! 🙂

  10. You’re obviously not in PDX!! LOL 🙂 🙂 Lucky you!

    Those needles look intriguing!!

  11. Those are really lovely, but the tips are so rounded. Have you tried doing any more complicated stitches with those smaller needles? I knit very tightly, and although I love bamboo for large needle projects, I really prefer a nickel with a sharp point for small needle projects, like socks and lace. How do they compare to nickel?

    And your scarf is just fabulous, by the way!

    • I’m a looser knitter, so I like the rounded tips because I’m a scooper, not a poker. I do knit lace with these needles, and haven’t had a problem. I’m allergic to nickel, so I’ve avoided nickel needles. I did try the brass Addi Lace needles, and liked those, too, but I prefer the feel of wooden needles.

      Glad you like the scarf!

  12. Hawaii? We’re headed there tomorrow. After temps below zero (it’s -5°F right now) I’m certainly looking forward to a nice view, even if it distracts me from knitting!

  13. They look pretty! As does the shawl.
    I’m a fan of wooden needles as well, my hands corroode metals. I’m so tempted to get a set.