test knitting?

I’m looking for a few test knitters to knit my Pacific Shawl. I finished the final (I hope!) edits last night. The two smaller sizes take a skein or less of fingering weight yarn (440 yards or less), and some beads. It looks like this:


The beads are optional, but they’re fun! The small size is sweet worn as a scarf. The medium is…a little larger than the small, but smaller than the large!

If you’re interested in test knitting for me, either this project or another, let me know in the comments and I’ll contact you. I can’t offer you diamonds, gold, or even yarn, but you’d have access to a new design that will be fun to knit, and you get to keep the final project.

Knit on!

17 responses to “test knitting?

  1. If I could get back to you about the pattern in a timely manner I totally would! The shawl looks beautiful, I definitely want to knit one!

  2. I would love to give it a try. I’ve not knitted anything with beads and would love to try a project with beads. Love the looks of the shawl!

  3. I would love to test knit this pattern! I think it is lovely.

  4. I would love to test knit that shawl!!

  5. I’d love to be a test knitter, preferably the small or medium size. I’m too short for the large shawls. I’ve got plenty of fingering weight yarn here too. 😉

  6. I’m in

  7. I would love to test knit for you. I LOVE doing shawls! Beads too!


  8. I’d love to be a test knitter for you!

  9. Count me in! The shawl is lovely & I need an excuse to cast on a shawl. :0)

  10. WOW…looks like you have plenty of tester 😀 Look forward to its release 😀

  11. Could I offer my services too?

  12. I would be interested in test knitting.

  13. Rhonda from Baddeck

    I’ve wanted to knit a shawl for some time, but my first attempt wasn’t successful. I’m familiar with the feather & fan pattern, so this one ought to be a good ‘starter’ project for me. And I’m particularly interested in patterns that use up the random skeins of sock yarn I keep buying. I’m looking forward to the official publication!

  14. Dont know if I’m too new or not. I am D’Ann, self taught knitter, I can knit socks, so I think i can pretty much knit anything. it’s the directions that are worded strange. If you are looking for a newer knitter to try this. I am willing. is there a time limit you would like it done in? I hope to hear from you one way or another.


  15. I would love to try it! I met you at Tigard Knitting Guild. I want the pattern and I love doing lace & beads. Let me know! Hope you pick me!

  16. I’d love to test knit for you sometime, but probably not right now for this shawl (though it is lovely!). I have a couple other big projects in the works right now, but feel free to keep me in mind for something in the future! 🙂

  17. I’d love to offer to test knit it – but I can’t say that I’d be too speedy about it, so I’ll wait until you release it to make one. It really is a gorgeous pattern!