not much knitting…

but there seems to be a lot of dessert!

Last night I made this cobbler.


The edges are a little messy because I forgot to add the lemon juice to the fruit mixture, so I poured it back into the bowl and then back into the dish. Sorry! Here’s what’s under the cornmeal biscuit crust.


It’s a nectarine blueberry cobbler, using SmittenKitchen’s peach blueberry cobbler recipe. I love SK’s blog; she makes great food and her pictures are gorgeous.

I doubled the biscuit topping, as suggested, and I baked the cobbler in two square dishes, instead of the oblong that was specified. This meant I could take one to a friend’s house for dinner, and leave one home for the guys. Everybody wins! I served the cobbler with vanilla ice cream, and it was divine. I did not, however, serve it with the home made vanilla ice cream that I made the day before. That ice cream went to a piano evening, and was served with frozen blueberries from my garden, slightly thawed.

Last week Sarah made a two ingredient ice cream for knit nite. It was good, but I wanted a little vanilla kick to my ice cream. (I make my own vanilla extract by steeping sliced vanilla beans in vodka; I love vanilla that much.) I found this recipe for five ingredient ice cream on Easy, and delicious. And the blueberries were a perfect foil to the very dense, sweet ice cream.

What’s your favorite summer dessert? I like cobblers with ice cream. Can you tell?! Easy to put together, and always a delight. I’m making another one for a party tonight.

As for knitting? I turned the heel on my sock, but didn’t get much further. I did go look at all the beautiful things in the Lantern Moon warehouse for future blogging, so expect to see some of that soon.

13 responses to “not much knitting…

  1. ice cream is my favorite, but it can be paired with so many other lovely things…

  2. Picking my favorite summer dessert would be hard —- it’s either Key Lime Pie, Lemon Squares or this yogurt pie you make with frozen lemonade, Cool Whip and a graham cracker crust.

    Can you tell I like dessert? LOL

    Your cobbler looks absolutely delicious!

  3. How’s a girl supposed to get skinny when everybody shares these yummy goods?

  4. Hubby and teen daughter are big in cobbler and pies. Rest of us can eat a gallon of ice cream all by ourselves–I mention a gallon each 😀

    Thanks for sharing your secrets, Michele, and I LOVE your PHOTOS!

  5. I think I just missed you the other night! I picked a pattern for the 50 G club and I’m going to start that today. We’ve been eating a lot of cookies this summer thanks to Eric so that is favorite right now. Also, the salted carmel ice cream from the market. But I want to learn how to make that. I have an ice cream machine that needs to get put to work!

  6. Great! Now I need cobbler.

  7. What a wonderful use for vodka! ; )

  8. Oh. Yum!!! That looks delish!!

    My fave summer dessert is prob’ly strawberry pie with whipped cream! I just like eating strawberries by the handful unadulterated, too.

    I’m now trying to find something to do with all the blackberries!!

  9. I love that blog and cobblers, too! There’s a great book by two Portland chefs called Rustic Fruit Desserts. It’s right up your/my alley. DD made the blueberry buckle from that book last weekend, and I contributed the vanilla ice cream from David Lebovitz’s Perfect Scoop. Probably my best vanilla ice cream ever. For your blackberries – how about some blackberry scones. A food blog I read had a recipe recently, but I can’t remember which one. You can go to to find it if you are interested. There’s also blackberry sorbet. Yum.

  10. I absolutely love SK…best food blog out there. Don’t worry about the messy edges…that cobbler looks amazing. In all my baking I’ve never made one…you’ve inspired me to change that.

  11. I forgot all about lemon squares! My favorite dessert is the one in front of me!

    The cornmeal biscuit crust on the cobbler is heavenly. It doesn’t even need ice cream. But need and want are two different things…

  12. You’ve practically got me drooling! I love cobblers and ice cream, too, but my very favorite is old-fashioned Angelfood Cake. Yes, it’s a pain to make, but the homemade variety is so light and fluffy, perfect on a hot day.

  13. Yum! Here I’ve yet to smell the peaches and nectarines so don’t buy them as they don’t age well on the counter or in the frig. I’m not much into desserts but have made a version of my mother’s blueberry sauce and may make a trifle with various berries and lemon curd for my husband’s new team when we get back from vacation, he’s actually got four days off next week! You are just way too talented for words. Cheers, Dee