Bubba’s Blankie

What’s this?


A beautiful basket from Lantern Moon.


And inside is the group project for Lorajean’s baby-to-be. She’s temporarily named him Bubba, so this is Bubba’s Blankie. It’s modeled on one I saw on the Yarn Harlot’s blog. Simple garter stitch strips, sewn together.


They’re matched at the center, and the ends stop when they stop. The gauge varies wildly, but it doesn’t really matter.


We had 14 strips, because we had 14 knitters. When Lorajean and I laid out the strips last week, we realized that this blanket was bigger than life! So the plan shifted, and she’ll have two blankets, nearly identical.


I slip stitch crocheted the strips together. I thought this would be the back of the blanket, but I like the look of this the chain loops. The other side of the blanket just shows little blips of color; it’s equally handsome.

Edit: Apparently I single crocheted the strips together. I don’t crochet much, so I never remember what the stitches are called. Sorry for the misinformation!


Lorajean loves it! She dyed the yarn for this project; it’s wonderfully soft superwash bulky merino. The colors seem to glow.


I have almost all the strips for the second blanket. One piece left! And then it’s time to get cracking, because the baby is due in two weeks…

Crochet like the wind!

Thank you to all the other knit nite knitters on this blanket: Shari, Shannon, Leigh, Marilyn, Peggy, Toni, Helen, Margaret, Cathy, Charlotte, Sarah and Paula, and special thanks to Cathy for providing the beautiful basket.

13 responses to “Bubba’s Blankie

  1. Oh that’s fantastic! What a wonderful present. I like the chain stitch, too. I’m not sure I would know how to crochet slip stitch together.

  2. SO cute! Good luck to the new Mom.

  3. Thank you so much for your work Michele! Eric loves the blanket, as soon as I pulled into the drive way he wanted to see it!

  4. So glad I was able to participate – the blanket is beautiful, thanks for putting it all together!!

  5. That is such a great gift. It’s amazing how well such a simple project turned out.

  6. I too love the crochet slip chain that bind the colorful stripes together. That’s just too awesome to turn one good deed into two–any chance she has twins LOL

    Oh, how I heart that lovely Lantern Moon tote. When we were at Yarn Crawl last month, a few of my knitting friends bought theirs…and I’d to refrain in a big way! I have some big purchases at Black Sheep that I’m saving my mola for…

  7. What a beautiful blanket!! Such a lovely and heartfelt gift for a special friend and baby!! 🙂

  8. HOORAY!! Lorajean’s colors are beautiful and the yarn (a super wash wool) was great to work with. The baby blanket is delicious to touch and I’m sure that Eli’s new baby brother will LOVE IT!

  9. morewithles

    what a special gift! i, too, like the seaming loops showing.

  10. What a beautiful blanket – and such a great gift!

  11. It looks so pretty! What a wonderful gift. 🙂

  12. That’s a cute idea. I love the finished blankie!