Pacific, round 1

I love this so much more than the first try, it’s ridiculous. Lemons to lemonade…

It’s not rain; it’s the Pacific Ocean.

pacific shawl

The waves are rolling. The sun is shining on the waves. It reminds me of Crafty Mom Weekend, watching the endlessly undulating ocean. (I wrote lyrics for a song that weekend, and the waves were in the lyrics, too. I sense a theme.)

I love working with beads. They’re so small, but they add such nice sparkle.

This is definitely a shawlette rather than a shawl. I had a fair amount of yarn left. I’m knitting this again with another skein of the same yarn, making it a bit bigger but still trying to keep it as a one skein project. I’m also fine-tuning a few things on it. I’ll eventually write up the pattern, and I’ll also do a video tutorial on adding beads. I like this “add as you go” method rather than pre-stringing all my beads at the beginning. Have you used beads in your knitting?

22 responses to “Pacific, round 1

  1. morewithles

    ooooh, that is just lovely!!!! great job. i’ve never knit with beads. i’m kind of scared to. but maybe watching a tutorial would inspire me. 🙂

  2. Bravo! It’s perfect.

  3. Lovely! I like how the beads are so small they’re not overwhelming.

  4. That is so lovely! The beads are a perfect but subtle touch. And, no, I haven’t tried beads yet — but I’ve got boxes and boxes of them!

  5. I haven’t tried beads, but I think I’d like to, sometime. A tutorial would be cool. Pre-stringing them all does sound like a bit of a pain, but don’t you then just slide them into place as you go? Adding them as you go along seems like it would interrupt the flow of the knitting.

    The shawl is super pretty, though, and I’m always down for anything ocean related. 🙂

  6. Oh that is gorgeous! I love the blue. I haven’t used beads but would love to try. I don’t think I’d like to string them on first, though, so the tute is a great idea.

  7. Lovely!!! The beads add a nice element to the wave border.

  8. Stunning, and a perfect use of beads. I really love it!!! Very elegant design.

  9. I haven’t used beads, but I’ve thought about it. Years ago I had a friend who did a lot of intricate bead knitting, and although I thought it was gorgeous, I was never inspired enough to try it. I’m not sure that I’m a bead person… meaning, that I think I like things a little less fancy. Beads seem more glamorous or dressy, and I like my knits to be every-day wearable. You know what I mean? I wouldn’t mind a few beads in the trim of a shawl, but that’s probably all I would do.

    The shawl turned out LOVELY!!!

  10. Peggy O'Rourke

    What pattern is this. I would love to try it, what a beautiful piece of work. Thanks for sharing.

  11. It’s wonderful!

    I agree with you. I prefer to add beads as I go. I feel like stringing them all at the beginning may weaken the yarn and who needs that?


  12. Beautiful waves. The fine beads make it pleasantly twinkle. You know me…I LOVE BEADs in shawl and add as I go. Beads add a wonderful drape to the fine lace and keep it on your shoulder. Very nice transformation 😀

  13. Beautiful!

    Yes, I’ve knit with beads. I’ve done both the pre-stringing and the add-as-you-go method. Love the sparkle it adds.

  14. That is so pretty! I really want to try knitting with beads!

  15. Pretty! I have used beads – on a pair of socks. They were “pre-strung” & a pain in the tuckus. So – if I were to use beads again (they are sooo pretty), I think I’ll try the bead as you go. Nice Job!

  16. Perfect! Great color and size for you and the beads are just right.

  17. Beautiful! Can’t wait for the pattern.

  18. Beautiful. When are you going to publish the pattern?

  19. Beauuuuuuuutiful – let’s do a knit a long?!!!!!

  20. You look like a butterfly waiting for wind to take flight. Gorgeous. Dee