Virtue is its own reward

That’s what they say. But it’s pretty sweet to get an additional reward.


Dez over at Knitting Asylum had a drawing for people who donated to Doctors Without Borders for Haiti. I won a prize! Pen and tape measure, and a beautiful stitch marker necklace made from Czech glass and shell. These are really pretty, and what a great way to keep track of them.


Thanks, Dez!

I was away for the weekend up at Menucha Retreat Center, working at our annual women’s retreat. This one was filled with music! We sang through the Holden Evening Prayer Service on Friday evening, which was lovely. Some of my Day Old Pastries were on hand to help with the music for the rest of the weekend. I love my Pastries.


I did get some knitting done. See my prototype shawl on my knee, and the new one in my hands? The new one is coming along swimmingly; I really like it. I’ll show it to you, soon. Check out the handknit socks, too.


My favorite thing at Menucha, besides the view…



…is the labyrinth. It’s a good place to be silent and meditative.


It’s always interesting to discover a new epiphany when I reach the center.


This beautiful garden is across from the dining hall.


There’s a hidden space up there, with a rock bench facing this.


I love spring, in all its glory.





How was *your* weekend?

11 responses to “Virtue is its own reward

  1. It’s all so dreamy. I was wonderful how your retreat went. Glad to see it’s very productive in the knitting department. Can’t wait to see all the lovely shawls 😀

  2. the pictures are lovely. Thank you for sharing, it’s almost as good as being there. I don’t even remember the weekend! But I’m off to knit and that’s pretty good

  3. What a fabulous weekend. And the pictures are so beautiful. Someday I’m going to live closer to mountains!

  4. morewithles


  5. Will you LOOK at those lilacs!!! Oh wow! They are beautiful.

    Looks like a wonderful time was had by all.

  6. Now that’s a great way to spend a weekend! Beautiful photos of a gorgeous setting.

    I spent my weekend packing boxes for my impending move and crocheting up a storm!

  7. My weekend was spent knitting on my Pontocho and dyeing yarn…any day spent with my hands in yarn is a good day! 🙂

    Love the beautiful photos you posted. Congratulations on winning a prize!

  8. Wow, beautiful gift and lovely weekend! Lucky you!

  9. Singing and knitting! I can’t think of a better way to spend time.

  10. What a lovely and serene looking place!

  11. I’m so glad your bonus for donating to Haitian relief arrived safely. Again, my apologies for the delay. Beautiful photos …. I love the waterfall.