Spring fever…

This week I finished a couple projects, including the straps for the felted slip stitch tote. I felted it last night. It’s drying, so I’ll take pictures tomorrow. This project took more yarn in the heavier Brown Sheep Lanaloft than the original KnitPicks Wool of the Andes; I’ll edit the pattern notes to make reflect that.


I had a fun day at Pico Accuardi Dyeworks. I taught an entrelac class in the morning. We even purled back without turning our work! This saves so much time when you’re working stockinette over a small number of stitches.


I also took a drop spindle class with Deb Accuardi. We worked with wool roving and with top, and mixed in some other fiber, too. My goal was to spin a more consistent single, and I did. And then we plyed some of it, too.


dye 2

Stevanie Pico taught dyeing. All in all, a fun day.

The days are getting longer and lighter, and the air is getting warmer. Weeds are springing up like crazy in the garden. The boys helped me weed the front flowerbeds, and we’re in the process of taking out all the Japanese anemone. It was only slightly invasive when we had a big birch tree to shade it, but when we had to remove the tree, the anemone got too happy in the full sun and took over the garden. Buh-bye.

With spring, I’m also feeling the urge to jettison my unfinished Heather Hoodie (bulky yarn) and cast on something breezy and new! But I’m afraid if I set it aside, I’ll never go back to it. Yikes. I think it’s all a result of spring break.

I headed up to Seattle last weekend to play guitar with a piano friend. Yes, that sounds nonsensical, but it’s true. We met in 2000 at September Sonata, a piano camp in Bennington VT. We were roomies then, and have been friends ever since. In fact, there’s a whole group of us west coast “Piano Babes” that get together at least annually. Some of us aren’t playing the piano a whole lot right now (moi, for one), but we still have a lot in common.

tak girls

Last fall, I bought a new guitar, and Sheryl did, too. They’re both Takamines with the same body style (NEX); mine is cedar and mahogany with a satin finish, and hers is spruce and maple, with a gloss finish. We’ve been trying to get together to compare them, and finally did. Hers sounds warmer/mellower from the back (playing) and more forward/pushy/rock from the front, and mine is mellower from the listener’s point of view, and brighter from the player’s perspective. I happily played them both!

all 4 2

Some of the other piano babes came over on Saturday; we played/sang Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah. We also web-surfed to check out kd lang’s version (she opened the Olympics with it), Jeff Buckley’s (hailed by some as the best) version, Bon Jovi’s acoustic version (my favorite), and of course, Leonard Cohen’s version (Live in London). C played this last year in Carmel, so it seemed like good common ground.

tak 2

We had a great time! Thanks to Sheryl for hosting. There was more spring break activity, but I’ll leave that for another post.

What is spring inspiring you to do?

11 responses to “Spring fever…

  1. gettingpurlywithit

    Woah, so much fun stuff you are doing!

    Happy spring, Michele 🙂

  2. It was great seeing you also!

    Ack! Someone is weeding and making me feel guilty. Might be able to get some done tomorrow, before the rain.

  3. spring is inspiring me to take a road trip up north so i can hang out with you! 🙂

  4. Yay Spring! My favorite Hallelujah is by pianist (and knitter) Allison Crowe.

  5. That’s such a great time! Yarn and music, what more could one possibly want?

  6. Sounds like a great day! As for Hallelujah, I’ve downloaded 3 different kd lang versions and can’t stop singing it. Good thing I’m a singer or my family may disown me!

  7. I wish we lived closer – we are very kindred spirits. I play the flute, and would love to have some people to play with. I have tinkered with piano over the years. Can play a very basic “Ode to Joy” and “I’m a Little Teapot”….

    Great post, Michele!

  8. Wow, what fabulous times at your fiber and music gatherings. Two of my favorite things! Last night my daughters were playing and singing broadway tunes at the piano for our guests and we all enjoyed it. Your spinning looks good. I have not conquered this skill yet!

  9. Looks like you’ve had a great spring break. Ours is this week. The dyeworks looks very interesting and I love your new guitar!

  10. So fun! Love the guitar pics. And I’m jealous about the drop spindle. A friend gave me one about 12 years ago and I still have yet to learn to use it. One of these days…

  11. I think you had a wonderful spring break! Now is it back to work?