The rest of spring break

Knitterly stuff first:


The Felted Slip Stitch Tote. I felted this a couple nights ago. The colors are a bit muted compared to the pre-felted bag, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing! It’s still bright, but not too bright. I’m pleased with it, and I hope Shannon & Emily at Twisted are, too. It’s a shop sample. Now my original tote can come home! It’s been on loan for a while.

While I was up in Seattle, we went to Uwajimaya for groceries for CollegeDude (one more term!). Yes, I know there’s an Uwajimaya in Beaverton, but we weren’t going to have time to get there before he headed back down to school. There’s a Kinokuniya bookstore in Uwajimaya, so I had to go check out the extensive knitting section. I bought this stitch dictionary.


I really like the way it’s organized. There are sections for leaves/diamonds, lace, stripes, flowers/bobbles, zigzags, pyramids/checks…nice. The introductions to each section are really pretty.



I also met up with Kathy one afternoon before the guys came up. We went to the Japanese Garden at the Arboretum. Even in the rain, the flowering trees were gorgeous.





These seed pods were a little eerie.


The rain didn’t bother the koi.


When the boys came up, we visited the very cool Seattle Public Library.




and the market, of course. We needed more spices from Market Spice!



I love the market. Even onions become art.


On the way home, we stopped by the Museum of Glass in Tacoma.



It wasn’t open, but we really just wanted to look at some of the exterior art, and the footbridge that goes to the courthouse (full of Chihuly works, but I didn’t take a picture on the bridge). The US Courthouse is adjacent to the old Union Station, which showcases some of Dale Chihuly’s works. This chandelier hangs in the center of the rotunda.


And I love this window that looks back towards the museum.



A fun getaway, and now it’s back to work!

23 responses to “The rest of spring break

  1. Wow. What an awesome Spring Break. I love all of your photos— the” Teens Only” pic is priceless.
    Thanks for braving the rain at the arboretum 😉 It was great to hang out with you!

  2. Did you make it to dim sum?? And BTW – when you next find yourself in the Market, stop by The Confectional. Best caramel cheesecake – EVER.

  3. lovely pictures. that stitch dictionary looks like a real find! oh, and happy passover! 🙂

  4. Ok the bag looks adorable felted, I gotta admit. Great photos!

  5. The last one really captures my heart. What a great escape that was. I am full of envies of the Japanese stitchery you acquired. It’s one of many on my wishlist…next time I visit mom in S.F., I am on a look out…The photos are phenomenal. Thanks for a cyber getaway 😀

  6. I love your photos… they make me feel happy! You have a way of capturing the beauty in everything.

  7. Fun! The book looks great – can’t wait to see what you come up with. Ahh the glass museum – while I’ve never been inside, I’ve enjoyed the exterior far too much.

  8. wow, what a fun trip! I think I want to go visit our gardens now!

  9. Great pictures, I love Japanese Gardens! And the bag came out great, wonderful colors.

  10. Oh boy, I haven’t been to that Uwajimaya in ages. I must go check out the knitting books!
    I love the public library. I even skipped classes one day (in my defense, midterm season was winding down and I needed stress relief…) to chill there

  11. Halfway Crafter

    The architecture of the Museum of Glass and Public Library are great! Sounds like a nice trip.

    As for the Japanese Gardens, well I have always had a thing for magnolia flowers. They are so magnificent looking!

  12. Wow!! Looks like you had a great spring break!! Love the pics!

  13. Oh, wow. Lovely pictures. That chandelier is the most amazing thing ever.

  14. What fun! Mentions of Dale Chiluly keep popping up everywhere these days.

  15. Amazing photos! The felted tote is simply adorable. I can’t imagine that I need another tote in my life, but that one is calling…

  16. That chandelier really is truly amazing. Does it light up? Cuz I bet that would be really awesome. Sounds like you had a great trip, and you’ve made me want to visit that arboretum!

  17. That sounds like an amazing Spring break! Love the pictures.

  18. Wow – looks like a great trip – great pictures – thank you so much for sharing them!

  19. Really enjoyed all the photos! I love Dale Chihuly’s work… I’ve been to a few of his exhibits and it’s all mesmerizing!

    Glad you’ve had such a lovely trip!

  20. Beautiful pictures!…..and I love the book and the lovely tote bag.

  21. gettingpurlywithit

    Lovely pictures!

    Been to the Uwajimaya in Seattle too when my husband was working in Seattle last September.

    I LOVED their knitting and craft section!

    I saw a big bookstore in Japantown here in SF. I want to browse there all day and find some stitch dictionaries…

    Tote came out wonderful!

  22. What a great getaway. There is so much to do in Seattle. I’ve got it on my list!

  23. The pictures are amazing!!! What a great trip! And the bag came out great…love it.