Quincy hat knitalong

The Quincy Hat (ravlink) by Jared Flood (brooklyntweed). The first time I saw the pattern for this, I knew I had to knit it. It doesn’t matter that I don’t wear hats. The construction of this is so clever, I just have to do it.


It starts with a rectangle of garter stitch, twisted to make a moebius strip. Mmmm, garter stitch. Cool moebius! There’s some kitchener right there, but if I don’t feel like it, I’ll do a three needle bind off. We’ll see. Stitches are picked up to make the crown. There’s i-cord. What’s not to like?


The yarn for the hat is pretty luxe stuff. It’s Classic Elite Ariosa, 90% extrafine merino, 10% cashmere, bulky weight. An extravagance for a hat I’ll never wear, but it will be soooooo nice to knit with, and it would make a wonderful gift, too.

I’m doing this hat as a knitalong with my knit night buds. The fun starts tonight. Or sooner, if I can’t resist it. Yeah, maybe sooner.

12 responses to “Quincy hat knitalong

  1. Who knows? This may just be the hat that changes you into a ‘hat person’. 😉

    I haven’t found a hat that is me yet, I think though with knitting that doesn’t involve acrylic or scratchy wools, I may. I’m thinking some kind of tam – like Jared’s Beaumont.

    Have fun with your KAL!

  2. OMG — I *just* today took advantage of an online free shipping coupon and ordered the new Brooklyn Tweed book with this pattern in it!!! Can’t wait to see how yours turns out.

  3. It’s such an adorable hat, I’m sure you’ll be converted in no time.

  4. I love that hat pattern too!! That is going to be gorgeous!

  5. I’m excited to hear about the progress from tonight!

  6. Ooh, that will be lovely!

  7. I thought the same thing when I first saw this hat. Have fun – the yarn looks yummy!

  8. I’ve seen one of these in person; it is lovely and very interesting to look at!

  9. It looks great as does the yarn!

  10. Great choice for a project – looking forward to seeing how you do with it – and the yarn is gorgeous!

  11. Oh I don’t know, that yarn looks so nice, you’ll try the hat on after you’re done, and then decide you’ll want to keep it for yourself and actually wear it!

  12. Could someone please explain how to join the twist using kitchener stitch / I-cord?? I love the look but can only make the 3 needle bind off to look rather good, but not perfect like his hat!
    I understand the kitchener but it won’t work???
    Thanks soooo much Beth