Just in time for Halloween!

The Teen saw concert footage of Muse, and was intrigued by lead singer/guitarist Matt Bellamy’s guitar. Bellamy designed Manson MB-1 guitar, which features an x-y midi controller. The instrument sells for £2,999, which means that the Teen won’t be getting one any time soon.

But that didn’t stop him from tinkering on his own. He built his own version, dubbed it the RB-1, and used it for a short piece at school.

Basically, it’s an iPod/iPhone app called the Bebot Robosynth. It sells for a mere $1.99. The Teen loaded it up, put the iPod on his guitar, the earphone onto the guitar pickup, and away you go.

Not a lot of finesse with it yet, but he sure had fun!

Here it is charging next to my Norman. I like the old/new juxtaposition.

acoustic electric

A closer look at the setup:


Isn’t the little guy cute?


Meanwhile, my new guitar arrived yesterday. I looooove it. Such great tone. The stock strings are mediums(?) and they squeak against my thumb. I’m about to swap them out for Elixir nanoweb lights.

12 responses to “Franken-tar

  1. OK I’m not entirely sure what that set up does still, but it sounded cool as hell. Your son is incredibly smart and talented!

  2. I’m so proud. My nephew has chops & is technologically gifted. Tres cool.

  3. Your teen is fearlessly innovative, creative and talented. I wonder whom he gets this from…;)

    — wouldn’t it have been cool for John Cage to live to see this new generation of musicians?!

  4. Sounds interesting (though I do not have knowledge about guitars, I especially liked the guitar on the left). The hat you’ll be knitting (from the previous post) looks like fun, and the yarn – TOTALLY YUMMY!!!

  5. Mine is a pink Harmony acoustic. It’s a piece of junk, but it gives me the little folksy guitar fix that I sometimes need. 🙂 I’m inspired to blow off the dust and strum a bit. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. ok, I googled GBP 2999.00 because I had to know. It’s almost $5000! I think the Teen has a perfectly rad guitar. Nice that he’s innovative and could trick it out.

    When I was actually making money 🙂 I bought Mr. Stitchjones a Gibson Les Paul Sunburst 1960 replica for Christmas. It went for around 2 grand. Although I’m just a wannabe bass player, I love guitars.

  7. I have no idea how that works but I do believe The Teen is a genius!

  8. Elixir nanos…the best strings on earth!!!

  9. That is a great app! How inventive!

  10. Neato Mosquito!

    Muse is one of my favourite groups.

    (Sorry, catching up on blog reading. I’ve been away from knitting/blogs/etc for a while, long story, but trying to get back into it all)

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