Not much knitting this past weekend. I’m a little distracted.

I played a friend’s new guitar (picture in previous post), and the sound of it took me back to high school youth group. Hanging out and singing was a big part of my life. About 5 years ago, I decided to learn to play, just a little, so I could revisit some of the music that I loved so much. I bought a little Norman folk acoustic then, and it has served me well.


But the sound of my friend’s guitar is calling my name. Insistently. So I’ve been shopping for a new guitar, and I’m going to end up with the same Takamine. I can’t wait!

To make up for today’s lack of knitting content, I’m offering up a bit of yarn that came my way. This is Berroco Vintage Wool. It’s worsted weight, 50% acrylic, 40% wool, 10% nylon. It was in the goodie bag at the Sock Summit Ravelry party in August, and it’s nice, but I’m kind of a natural fiber snob and so I don’t think I’ll ever use it.


The other yarn is Brown Sheep Lanaloft, which is a sport weight 100% wool single. I bought it when I was designing my Seafoam Socks, but then decided to use a different yarn. I’m not sure it would be great for socks; it’s a single and it’s also not superwash. I’ve discovered that my other non-superwash socks need more tender care than I’ve been giving them!


If you’re interested in either of these yarns, tell me which one, or both, and what you’d make with it. I’ll take names until midnight Friday, October 30, and then I’ll do two drawings with the random number thingy.

Good luck!

17 responses to “Distracted

  1. I like the blue sport weight and I would probably make a pair of fingerless mitts with them 🙂

    That guitar looks really nice! Don’t worry, I won’t be learning guitar any time soon!

  2. I like both yarns! They would be great for accessories–I like knitting hats.

    That guitar strap kicks serious butt, too!

  3. I am definitely interested in the Lanaloft sports weight, it would make a lovely cowl for me or if there is enough yardage a shawlette. Thank you so much for having this give away!

  4. I’m not interested in the yarns, but I have to say that it’s awesome you’re getting a new guitar!

  5. Very exciting about the guitar! 🙂 I have a Guild myself, but Takamine makes some wonderful guitars!

    As for the yarn, so sweet of you to have a giveaway! 🙂

    If I won the Vintage Wool, I’m seeing maybe Ysolda’s Gretel Beret or something similar.

    The Lanaloft looks great too…maybe some mittens with a little feather-and-fan at the cuff?

  6. And I can’t play guitar, either…so NOT musical! Glad the music took you away on a little journey!

  7. I think either one of those would make great hats. Love that you’re playing guitar! Wish I’d learned.

  8. All are great!

    I’d use the vintage wool for one of the zillion baby gifts I appear to constantly need!

    I’d do a hat or scarf with the non-superwash sport! Something that doesn’t require a lot of washing!

    Have fun with the Guitar!

  9. Well it just so happens that I need a wool with a bit of acrylic in it for my granddog Bentley’s coat I’m supposed to be making. Luckily, he’s pretty small.

  10. Laurie Nelesen

    I would like to try my “hand” at knitting some fingerless gloves with the blue yarn and perhaps a beautiful hat with the dusty purple…

  11. I think my niece would love a pair of convertible mittens out of the purple wool blend!

    Fantastic news on the guitar. Have fun!

  12. I’d be interested in the Lanaloft, partly because I have three sons and always seem to have a use for blue yarn of any kind. 🙂 My youngest son has been asking for a pair of fingerless mittens, but the blue yarn he picked out is heavy worsted and I just don’t like it for such a project. The sweet boy has been waiting for me to make a trip to the not-local yarn shop to pick up some sport weight. So… if I win, I’ll most likely use it for mittens and maybe a matching hat for him.

  13. The Lanaloft makes great socks. Just sayin’…

  14. I could see doing a nice Sunflower Tam out of the Berroco. The Lanaloft might work as a pair in some colorwork mittens. There’s a nice pair of Fiddlehead mittens shown in a blue similar to this.

    Have fun with the guitar!

  15. an acoustic guitar reminds me of youth group too – my sister and I used to play and sing in church. Still love the sound of it.

  16. Hmmm… I think fingerless mitts for a co-worker out of the Berroco, not sure what I would make out of the Lanaloft…

  17. I haven’t played my guitar in years. The kids both keep saying they want to learn, though, so I may break it out one of these days and teach them.

    I love the patterns in the Berroco book that features their Vintage yarn…I think it’s my favorite book of their current crop. I didn’t realize, however, that Vintage yarn wasn’t all wool! I was expecting that it was. Bummer! 😦