Searching for “the one”

It’s been quite a swatching week here. It’s like speed dating. Isn’t it tough when you know exactly what you want, and just can’t get it? I bought a bag of Noro Silk Garden Lite at Sock Summit with a project in mind. The yarn is too heavy for the intended project, so I went searching for something else. The Jojoland Melody wasn’t it; it didn’t have enough color change. Then I thought I had found it in the Noro Kureyon Sock. The colors were perfect.


The swatch was gob-smackingly pretty. But as I knit on, I found myself with doubts. Would I wear a garment that was gorgeous, but scratchy? I’ve already found that I prefer my Malabrigo Ishbel to my Shetland Triangle, because it’s so soft. Hmmmm.

I voiced my concerns in an email exchange with Melanie. I told her I was dreaming of something similar to Noro in the way color is treated, but as soft as Malabrigo Sock. She suggested Crystal Palace Mini Mochi. Not quite as soft as Malabrigo, but that’s hard to live up to.

Back to Twisted. I briefly eyed the Zauberball, but the colors were too eye-poppingly bright. Malabrigo Sock? The color runs were too short. Mini Mochi?

mini mochi

More swatching. Similar color palette, beautiful colors, and a long run of each color, with the colors gently shading from one to the next. Just like the Noro. But much softer to the touch. We may have a winner. I thought the extra Noro was going back to the store, but in the morning light it’s still really pretty and it’s not as horribly scratchy as I thought. It’s more of an art piece, though. Do I make two? Is this how stash starts? What am I making? I can’t show you yet; it’s my stealth project. Don’t you love surprises?

Speaking of surprises, the blue silk laceweight Ishbel has made it to its recipient. I made it for Susan as a thank you for guiding us through Vietnam. She says she’s going to call it Ishmael. I knit part of it on the trip, but I was so jet-lagged all the time that there wasn’t much knitting!

blue ishbel 2

And one more surprise. The community baby quilt was presented to our music director, the mom-to-be, and she was very touched. We started this on our women’s retreat in May. The theme was hearts, but you could go anywhere you wanted with it. Each person there was asked to make a square. I see mine! It’s the heart-shaped music notes in the upper left corner.

quilt web

My aunt called yesterday to ask about Sock Summit. I told her about Cat Bordhi starting class by asking our names and who taught us to knit, and that I had shared that she had taught me when I was 16. She thought that was pretty neat. So now I’m sharing it with you, too. Thank you, Aunt Rose!

11 responses to “Searching for “the one”

  1. I think my Mini Mochi was from the first batch, and they were hoping to fix the problems but I have to say I have had NOTHING but bad experiences with that yarn.

    In 2 skeins I had 5 knots. The colors bleed on my hands while I knit. It is so loosely spun in places it pulls apart. It frogs about as well as mohair. And at sock gauge (which is likely not what you are doing if you bought a bag full) the “lovely halo” looks more like unattractive fuzz.

  2. I’m not having any issues yet, but the beginning of any project is like a giant swatch to me. There haven’t been any knots, or breaks, so far, knock on wood. The jury is still out; I’ll keep going with both the Noro Kureyon and the Mini Mochi, and at some point I’ll have to decide. Or I’ll have two projects!

    And it’s definitely not a sock. I still haven’t knit fingering weight socks…yet.

  3. The quilt is adorable. Aunt Rose deserves the thanks. And I think the Noro softens when you wash it but I don’t like it either. Heresy but true.

  4. What a gorgeous quilt!!! (And I had an Aunt Rose too.)

  5. The Noro can improve with hand washing and a final rinse of hair conditioner. It’s a pain to have to do that for a yarn…couldn’t THEY make it better…but if you love the yarn there is a way to live with it.

  6. It’s hard to offer help when we don’t know what the project is. Come on, just a little hint. Please…

  7. Love the lace!

    Looking forward to seeing what that yarn grows up to be, too.

    Yay for Aunt Rose!

  8. I bought some Mini Mochi a month or so ago, and can’t wait to use it – so I can’t wait to see what you do with it.

    Amazing quilt!

  9. Yes, I am pretty sure that is how a stash begins 🙂 Keep going!!

    Love your Ishbel and the quilt is such a sweet gift!!

  10. I picked up some Noro sock yarn, the colors are gorgeous, but it feels scratchy to my hands. I haven’t worked up to trying to knit with it.

  11. Do all Chinee Girls have an ‘Aunt Rose’?!-lol! Mine didn’t teach me to knit…