Post-Sock Summit blues

Sock Summit is over; it’s time to go back to real life. What’s a knitter to do? I could go check out the Oregonian’s re-cap of the event here. I even saw myself in the video!



I could buy some more yarn! The Noro Silk Garden Lite wasn’t the right yarn for the new project in my head, so I went to Twisted to get some Silk Garden Sock. But I got distracted by this Jojoland Melody superwash, which is really soft. It also has a really long color run, and a very slow change to the next color. I think it will do what I want, but there’s only one way to find out. The S-word. Yes, swatch!


The colors are much richer than you see here; I can’t quite capture them.

I wanted to mention something that really struck me last weekend. Cat Bordhi began her class by having everyone give their names, and tell who taught them to knit. I love the honoring of the ones who came before. Mothers, grandmothers, aunts, friends, co-workers, Youtube! You can trace the lineage back, in much the same way that piano students can trace their teachers back to Mozart. Cat was also really good about crediting ideas, such as Judy Becker for Judy’s Magic Cast On and Magic Toe, and Jenny Staimann’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off. It’s because of this that I can say that I learned my modified way of making an SSK (slip 1 as if to knit, slip 1 as if to purl, knit off together through the back loops) from Meg Swansen, who probably learned it from her mother, Elizabeth Zimmermann, and that was a modification of the SSK that was invented by…Barbara Walker. And so it goes.

Some other news: Abundant Yarn and Dyeworks, one of the Sock Summit sponsors, is closing their brick and mortar store. They’ll still have an online presence, but this is a big loss for Portland. I’m sad to see them go.

(Ravelry name) is knitting her own wedding veil, and she had several teachers and students at Sock Summit knit on it. That will be a wonderful keepsake! And maybe she should get in touch with the woman who made this amazing wedding dress.

That’s the news from here. Knit on!

11 responses to “Post-Sock Summit blues

  1. Nooooooo…! They’re CLOSING?! That *is* sad! Love that Noro Silk Garden Lite; the colors are beautiful! And I JUST saw you on the video before checking out this post! I said, “HEY-I know her!” I even caught a very quick glance of myself walking in to sit down!

  2. I recognized the Jojoland before you said that’s what it was. I’ve been around waaaay too much yarn! 😉 Some of it isn’t as soft as others.
    Donna Avery used it in her Snowdrop scarf pattern that is running through the Tigard Knitting Guild the last month ( Janel suggestions it as a sock yarn in Eclectic Sole. (Just a few ideas in case the swatch doesn’t work for you.)

    It has been difficult to decide what to do with oneself rather than all the excitement of Sock Summit. Spinnerati on Saturday, hopefully Bobbie will be able to make it!

  3. Catching up on all your summit posts – so jealous! It sounded like so much fun!

  4. The tradition of teacher-to-scholar genealogy lives. DH received a mailing from his graduate school, that traced the genealogy of chemistry professors back through the earliest scientists. He found it humbling to read the connections…as did I reading your knitting connections.

  5. For someone who doesn’t stash you sure got your shop on didn’t you??? Love the yarn! What a nice thing for Cat to have done in honoring those who came before

  6. So sad about Abundant. I finally got to visit this trip.

  7. It is a very sad thing to see another knitting store close. I have lost all of my knitting stores and now drive over an hour to get to one (not counting Michaels or Joann’s). I’m so glad that I can check in with fellow bloggers who went to Sock Summit and get different view points on the experience. Wish I could have been there.

  8. I often compare our LYSs with Abundant Yarn and Dyeworks and how I wish we have one like it friendly and fun to visit. It’ll be sad indeed. Where do I go to take a break and knit and have yummy goodies from the cafe????? Beautiful Jojo. I love knitting it in shawls.

  9. I bought the same yarn in a different colorway yesterday and the pattern… Swirl Shawl. I love it. I’m dealing post-Summit blues by diving into knitting several sweaters for fall and winter 🙂

  10. Sad to hear about Abundant. I can remember Pat sitting behind the big desk when they first opened – it was the first yarn store I ever shopped at in Oregon.

    Emily and I were jokingly calling those baskets of Jojoland Melody “Tribbles” because they seemed to multiply no matter how many were sold, and they sort of jumped out at you and fell all over the floor is you so much as walked near them. The new colors they’re putting out are pretty fun – I think you picked my favorite.

  11. Oh no, is that like postpartum blues. But I think all your blues will cheer you up.