Tourists at home

The fun thing about having guests from out of town is that you can play tourist at home. My in-laws are here for the holiday weekend, and CollegeGuy is home for their visit. Fun!


Friday we had a late afternoon sail on the Columbia River. I bought this trip at the youth fundraiser auction in March, and what better time to use it than a gorgeous holiday weekend? The weather was perfect.




The Teen and CollegeGuy each had turns at the, uh, helm? What do I know from boats? It’s a 30 foot Catalina, and it was sweet. We had a leisurely trip east up the river past the Glenn Jackson Bridge, and then a more rambunctious trip back down the river, tacking with the wind. (Note the angle of the boat versus the horizon.)


hang on

It was an exhilarating afternoon. Thank you, Kirk, for a great time!

tilt a wind

Saturday we headed up to Timberline Lodge. It’s a WPA project, completed in 1937. So grand!


At 6000 feet above sea level, there is skiing and snowboarding action, even in the summer. The kids (!) felt compelled to get into the snow, too. Check out The Teen’s rolling flip.



There’s a great view of Mt. Jefferson and the Three Sisters to the south. This is from the Raven’s Nest on the third floor.

ravens nest

I love the way the snow is higher than the windows…on the second floor.

snow window

Did you know that “The Shining” was filmed here? All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!


Not much knitting going on this weekend, but I’m through the first 8 rows of lace on Ishbel. I can see the pattern, and I like it.

7 responses to “Tourists at home

  1. What an interesting weekend! Sounds like you had a great time.

  2. What a fun weekend you had! And the snow…um, you can keep it there, ‘k? LOL I’m finally just getting to enjoy consistent warmth and sunshine and green things! 🙂

  3. looks like a fun weekend. Ishbel will be waiting for calmer times.

  4. I love being a tourist here!
    I need help on a glove. It says to increase 8 times in every third round one st after st 58 and before st 1. (there are 60 st total) How do i squeeze 8 st increases into 3 st? This might have to wait until knit night.

  5. What fun! Seems like a great time was had by all. 🙂

  6. Fun fun! That movie freaked me .

  7. Great photos, thanks for sharing. Wow, snow!!!