Ishbel exorcism

Mmmmmm. Malabrigo! I bought this purple Malabrigo Sock yarn, color is Violeta Africana. I really wanted blue, but Twisted didn’t have any, and I needed to cast something on in a hurry. My knitting mojo was at stake.


Looks like this will work just fine. It’s the color of grape soda. The camera can’t quite catch the fizzy goodness; it’s not as blue as you’d think from the picture. But I’m knitting, and I’m happy. One of the problems of not having many projects on the needles is that when one project stops, there aren’t many alternatives. I’m still looking for a good mindless knit project. Right now, Ishbel can be it, until it gets to the lace.

I’m hoping that my next project doesn’t require a yarn change, because I’ve just had two in a row. Ouch.

In other knit news, Sock Summit registration opens on Tuesday at 10 a.m. I still haven’t decided what I want to take, but now the pressure is on!

And in non-knitting news, the Adult Beginner Forum’s quarterly recital went live on the 15th. I haven’t been playing much, but I had this worked up in March before I fell off the piano wagon, and it came back pretty quickly. It’s another waltz from Valses Poeticos by Enrique Granados. This is vals no. 6, also called Vals Sentimental. I love how melancholy and sentimental this is. I envision a woman looking at faded photographs of her long ago love. She goes into quite a reverie in the second half of this piece. But it’s so over, baby…just like I’m over that silk Ishbel.

19 responses to “Ishbel exorcism

  1. beautiful piano piece. I love hearing your recordings. Thanks for all the sock summit inspiration. It’s great hearing all the ideas instead of the same old ones rattling around in my head!

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous yarn!

    Have fun at the Sock Summit!

  3. I really enjoyed that valse. I must look up the music and add it to my repertoire.

    Yummy yarn choice – hope you have a happy knitting weekend!

  4. I love the new yarn – what a great color!

    Lucky you going to Sock Summit!

  5. What a wonderful color!

  6. Pretty!! I love that color. Love the photo with the flowers too. 🙂

  7. Beautiful yarn, and lovely irises!! 🙂 Great combo!

    Happy holiday weekend!

  8. Beautiful yarn; the photo is really pretty. 🙂

  9. That yarn is totally gorgeous and looks quite purple on my monitor. The photo with the yarn and Iris sharing the lime light is fantastic.

  10. I picked out the class that I really really want to do at Sock Summit.

    We have some pretty blues at All About Yarn in the Malabrigo sock.

    I also have the violeta. 😉 I plan to make mine into a pair of Rivendell socks.

    Good thoughts on this version of Ishbel!

  11. Oh I love that Malabrigo color! It will make a gorgeous Ishbel.

    I am so jealous of everyone going to Sock Summit. I wish I could go but it’s not in the budget this year… maybe the next!

  12. What a wonderful color – enjoy the Summit!

  13. LOVE that color!

  14. I love your photo! Just beautiful: your knitting looks as if its part of the flower.

  15. The Ishbel will be gorgeous in malabrigo!! Good luck!

  16. gettingpurlywithit

    Oh. My. Word.

    LOOOOOVE that picture!!!!

    Isn’t the Malabrigo Sock so incredibly yummy..?

  17. It’s beautiful, I think this is the just right yarn. And I love it with your iris.

  18. Ooohhh…great color!

  19. You play beautifully.