Where’s Ishbel?

Where’s Ishbel? Oh, um, she’s sleeping.

With the fishes.

ishbel off needle

True confession time: I don’t like working with this beautiful yarn. It’s too skinny for me, and not as slick as I wanted it to be. You know how a silk garment is either really smooth, or has a “dry” texture? This one’s dry.

I ran across a mistake last night, and tried to figure out how to fix it (lost a stitch somehow). Was getting nowhere, so I tinked two rows. Slowly. Not well. So I decided to frog down to the beginning of the lace (8 rows). Only to find that THIS YARN DOESN’T FROG WELL. Not slick. But slick enough that it doesn’t want to go back on the needles without dropping stitches. Getting it back on the needles is not gonna happen.

And as I said a few posts ago, life is too short to knit with yarn I don’t love.

I think I’d love this pattern with a different yarn, though. Fingering weight. Yeah, that’s the ticket. And look at Emilee’s gorgeous Ishbel, made with one skein of Malabrigo Sock! Great stitch definition, size 6 needle (I peeked at her Ravelry project page). I was using a 6 with the laceweight, and it’s just like playing with cobwebs. I think I need to go shopping…

11 responses to “Where’s Ishbel?

  1. Twisted opens at 11!

  2. Oh no. Poor Ishbel. Yes, a shopping trip is in order!

  3. That’s too bad. 😦 But Malabrigo sock is a great idea – it’s so beautiful and nice to knit with.

  4. So sad you ran in to troubles, but I think you made a wise decision. Now go see what great sock yarn you can find and get knittin’!

  5. Malabrigo sock would be a great choice!

    I don’t knit with lace weight anymore. The cobwebby-ness made me crazy – I don’t want to worry about snags every two seconds!

  6. When you are ready to do something else with this yarn, try a metal circular instead of bamboo. It will help it slip a bit better on the needles, at least.

    Sorry it’s given you such grief. I hope you will find a yarn you do enjoy.

  7. Ack, I hate frogging… and I do find that sometimes silk does not frog well either. I hope you find something perfect for Ishbel, though, as it’s such a pretty pattern!

  8. I guess that silk didn’t want to be Ishbel. It should sit in time out for a while until it decides what it really wants to be. Can’t wait to see what you come up with for Ishbel and the recalcitrant silk.

  9. Sorry it didn’t work out, but better to ditch it now than to keep at it and make yourself crazy!

  10. Aww, sorry it didn’t work out. I do reccomend the malabrigo sock, it was a delight to work with!

  11. Sorry it didn’t work out, but better to ditch before you do too much. Hope you find the perfect yarn for it!