Baby Bolero, fini

Once I had a yarn I liked, this project just danced off the needles!

bo fini

bo fini back

All washed, blocked, and ready to pop into the mail.

Baby Bolero from One Skein by Leigh Radford
2 Balls Debbie Bliss Pure Cotton
Size 8 needles, plus a Size 9 circular for the ribbing

Mods: I changed the eyelets on the left side of the motif from k2tog to ssk to emphasize the holes, and I picked up the sleeves at the armholes and knit circularly down to the cuffs to avoid seams. Also, I couldn’t pick up the specified number of stitches for the ribbing trim; I picked up what felt like a reasonable number (a lot, but less than specified). It just needs to be a multiple of 4. I would happily make this sweater again; it’s quick and cute. When I knit it again, I may decrease the sleeves down more so that they’re narrower at the cuff; these are cute, but wide.

A few more FO’s: These are thank you gifts for some of the Day Old Pastries, my singing/guitar/mandolin buds, who helped with music at our women’s retreat a couple weekends ago. Feels like a long time ago, but it’s been busy around here!





Here’s a close-up of the edge. I like it because it’s narrower and lacier than the two stitch edge you usually see.


I’m pairing these with some nice soaps, and away they go.

18 responses to “Baby Bolero, fini

  1. Very cute! I love the little lace detail on the back of the baby sweater.

  2. Great cloths! Love the baby sweater – very sweet!

  3. very nice. it has been busy around here! Looking forward to catching up later this week.

  4. The baby bolero looks much better, good idea to change yarns. I love all the washcloths, nice gifts.

  5. The baby bolero is lovely. You know, wide cuffs are not a bad thing for a baby sweater. Mom will have to reach in and pull the little arm through.

  6. Cute sweater & great gifts!

  7. Very cute baby sweater!

  8. Love the baby bolero! I have that book and think, “I should make this!” every time I flip through and see that pattern. I really SHOULD make that. LOL

    And your post reminds me that it has been forEVER since I’ve knit a dishcloth! I love my knitted dishcloths, and I like to have some on hand for impromptu gifts, too. Maybe once I’m done with all of my afghan squares I’ll do some cloths as easy, transportable projects, since I haven’t been in much of a sock mood of late.

  9. Having the right yarn makes such a difference! Good for you!

  10. What a cute sweater – amazing what a difference a yarn can make!

  11. cute!! love the baby bolero. 🙂

  12. Aw, what a lucky baby— such a gorgeous little bolero.
    And thank you for posting the your mods to the pattern. This will be a perfect pattern to go to, since I always seem to get stuck on baby sweaters. I usually end up giving another gift because my knitting is never done in time!
    And what beautiful wash cloths; all very nice gifts indeed.

  13. knittingknewbie

    Michelle, thank you for stopping by and leaving the very first comment on my blog! I think switching yarns on this sweater was a good call…the Debbie Bliss looks much smoother.

    I wonder, do you have any suggestions on patterns for baby boys? It seems like all of my friends are having boys, and they’re much more challenging to knit for.

  14. I love the jacket! Beautiful color.

  15. Look at you go! You have some lucky friends.

  16. Nice cloths! I think they make such a great gift with some soap.

  17. The baby bolero is so cute! Your cloths are nice too. I can never get mine to look so nice, even after blocking.