Sock rescue mission

One of my original entrelac socks has been working as a shop model over at Twisted since last summer. This week I realized that I’d really like to be *wearing* that sock. I brought it home yesterday, and it has been reunited with its mate.


It’s a little stretched out from being on the foot mannequin, but a trip through the wash should even things out.

I still do want a model in the shop, so I’m making one with Sheep Feet from Sheep Shop Yarn Company. It’s a dk weight yarn, very similar in weight and feel to the Yarntini that I used before. And the colors are glorious! This colorway is called spring. I love how vibrant it is.


I’m a little worried about the put up, though. It’s 100 grams, 218 yards (199 meters). I’m only making one sock, but I’m not sure if there’s enough yarn for two, because entrelac takes a bit more yarn. I’ll weigh the sock and leftover yarn when I’m done. I’m so pleased to have a new digital kitchen (yarn) scale for that. Thanks, Sis!

13 responses to “Sock rescue mission

  1. Those are awesome!

  2. Wow, looks great!!! I don’t have the patience for enterlac, but I love how it looks. And the yarns (both) look great in it….may you have just enough!

  3. Oh that SPRING is a great color. How cool to have a model in the shop… I am gonna learn how to make those too one day. Maybe I should just move next door, I seem to want to do everything you do, it might be easier if I could just walk over anytime, LOL

  4. Love the color of the Sheep Feet yarn! So pretty.

    The socks are great!

  5. DPUTiger was talking about the sheep feet and silly (almost stupid) put up it has. It really isn’t enough for a pair of normal socks and may even be pushing it for a pair of ankle socks. I suspect you will definitely need 2 for a pair.

  6. Beautiful yarn!
    And I love my electronic scale too. I think I use it more to weigh yarn than food.

  7. silencepainter

    Enterlac always looks so nifty. Sheep feet yarn looks so great, but the yardage always scares me off too.

  8. Are those hard to knit? I’ve always wanted to try Enterlac. Both pairs look great!

  9. Do you know if a skein of Noro Sock would work for this pattern? (420 meters)

  10. That color is amazing. And I agree, that’s just not enough for two socks.

  11. These are fabulous! I need to add entrelac to my list of things to figure out.

  12. Can’t wait to see the Sheep Feet in person! Looks so pretty!

  13. Pretty color. A kitchen scale is one of those things I’d like, along with a ball winder and Mama Bear swift.