Wash day…

is inventory day.


These are all my wool socks. For a true sockaholic, it’s not many. But for me, it’s a lot! Four out of the five pairs were knit within the last year. I don’t love knitting socks, but sport or dk weight yarn makes it palatable.

I just remembered, I have 2 pairs of cotton socks from way back, too. And two pairs of dk weight socks planned for knitting this weekend. (It’s Crafty Mom Weekend at the beach.) I guess I should stop saying that I’m not a sock knitter. I’m just not a skinny yarn, toothpick needles sock knitter!

17 responses to “Wash day…

  1. Yeah. I’m with you. I so badly WANT to like it. People who love it seem so passionate about it and I like the finished product. But it makes my hands hurt just thinking about it.

  2. I love sock washing day.

    I think once you have a week’s worth of socks, it’s too late to deny being a sock knitter. ;^)

  3. Resistance is futile! You’re a sock knitter…stop fighting it!!

    Have fun at the beach!!

  4. so jealous of mom’s crafty weekend at the beach! I’m mentioning this to the mom’s group. One day…

  5. Lovely socks! I’m so jealous. One day….

  6. ’tis a lovely collection of socks. May you enjoy adding to the collection in years to come!

  7. And all of yours still have mates. NOT FAIR!!!!~ 😀

  8. That one pair matches your hat perfectly…

    I only have one pair of hand knit socks… yep only one, it’s sad, so sad

  9. I think socks are my favorite thing to knit…fingering weight, US2 needles. What can I say? I’m a glutton for punishment. I do enjoy a DK weight sock from time to time, though, just for a little break. I’ve only got four pair of my own (which I admit to wearing for two days before putting them in the wash if I’m only wearing them around the house) since everyone else seems to lay claim to them while they’re in progress (especially the daughter!). I do have two pair in progress now, though, that I’ve already stated will be MINE! 🙂

  10. The red, white and blue socks are gorgeous!

  11. Lovely socks! Can’t wait to start knitting my own! 🙂

  12. Jealousy inducing. I’ve only managed to make one sock so far. I’m trying to build up the motivation to knit more socks, but I’m not there quite yet.

  13. If it knits like a sock knitter and takes photos of socks like a sock knitter…it might just be that you are a sock knitter! Relax and enjoy it!

  14. ROFL @ toothpick needle! Great assortment. I’ve always wanted to try fair isle/intarsia on a pair of socks!

  15. Wow! That’s a lot more hand-knit socks than I have! I am a sufferer of second sock syndrome, and a result usually do not even try to start knitting things that come in pairs much anymore. I always envy those of you who can push on and actually make a pair! I tend to just mix and match my handknit socks when home since I have few matching ones anyway!

  16. Nice collection! More socks for are definitely on my list this year – I tend to give most of mine away!

  17. That’s a lovely collection of socks. I really like the blues and purples. I can see how it is easier to batch up and hand wash them all together. Guess that means I better knit more socks! I only have 1 pair, so in comparison, you have a lot! 🙂