Humming along…

The Taos project continues. The idea popped into my head as I was waking up the morning after I abandoned the Pioneer Braid. It wasn’t quite as cleanly executed as Athena springing fully formed from Zeus’ forehead, though. The first cast on was enormous! The second cast on, still pretty oversized. The third attempt appears to be spot on. It’s an entrelac project (yes, this yarn is perfect for entrelac!) so it’s hard to tell how large the project is going to be without working through at least two tiers of blocks. That’s a lot of knitting and ripping. But this yarn is a bit fuzzy, and ripping doesn’t adversely affect it at all. Thank goodness. No picture yet; it’s a surprise.

So what can I show you? Not Hey, Teach; she’s been languishing while I’ve been playing with Athena. How about something I found in my yard?


I think it’s a fungus, next to a weed and between some dead iris leaves. It’s so vibrantly orange! It caught my eye when I was leaving the house.

Oh, a bit of knitting news: I’m going to be teaching some classes at Twisted in February and March. I’m signed on to teach a class on basic hats in the round (will knit up a sample soon), and a class on my felted slip stitch tote! Schedule should be going up soon.

blue tote

8 responses to “Humming along…

  1. Very cool that you are going to be teaching classes! I love your bag:) And I can’t name that fungus, but I’ve seen it around too. I love how bright it is.

  2. i think its called a orange peel fungus
    they’re suposed to be edible- did you sniff it?
    I’ve foudn some too but they were really tiny in comparison.
    ps Nice job on the purse!

  3. congrats on the teaching gig, when will you have the time?!

  4. Faunhaert is correct – its an orange peel fungus –

    Congratulations on the classes!

  5. Amazing how beautiful a fungus can be, huh?

  6. Very odd fungus – but beautiful. Love the tote!

  7. I love the fungus, it appears very happy where it is. The tote is so cozy looking, and looks sturdy.

  8. Neat little find in your yard. It’s pretty.

    Teaching sounds exciting! Congrats!